Actress, Laura, a Gastric Sleeve Patient a Year and Half After Surgery

Meet Laura, a Former Gastric Sleeve Patient at Mexico Bariatric Center

Laura is a former patient of ours at Mexico Bariatric Center who has undergone a remarkable transformation.

A year ago, in April of 2016, we spoke with Laura and wrote an article on her which you can read by clicking here.

Now, in 2017, we thought we’d catch up and see how things have been for her. We chatted with Laura and she was kind enough to answer some questions as to just what things have been like, feel free to read her answers below.

gastric sleeve patient, Laura on a red chair

Fun, Difficult, and Interesting Experiences in 2016

“Difficult having someone asked if I was my best friend’s mom. She is 2 months older than me ? I don’t know if she looks young or if I look old?gastric sleeve patient, Laura, before and after photos
fun, and interesting experiences over the past year since April 2016 I have had many cool roles, I was able to run for one of my parts with absolutely no problem! So that was pretty cool. My husband and I and our friends went to Florida in November. We were able to rent a moped and drive it all over the place and we also did an awesome beach shoot and white clothes and he was even able to pick me up! That was an amazing thing for me!”

Lifestyle Since Surgery

“I love the confidence I have now. I feel like I can pretty much do anything, and nothing holds me back! Before I was very uncomfortable all the time and I almost felt like a prisoner in my own body. I always tried to make the best of everything, cuz that’s how I am. but sometimes it was still hard.”

“I am extremely public about my surgery, I feel like if I didn’t talk about it I might deprive somebody else of the same blessing. If so, how have people around embraced it? I think that I am so incredibly positive about my experience that everybody else is very happy for me and also very interested if it is something that they need! I have never had any negative feedback, at least not to my face ??”

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Inspiring Others

“I have encouraged several people to have surgery! One of them actually had surgery with you guys.  The experience has been wonderful because I feel like seeing me has helped people to better their lives and their health!”gastric sleeve patient, Laura, before and after photos

The Mexico Bariatric Center Support Group

“The support group has absolutely worked for me! I love the encouragement that I receive from the other patients and also you guys”

Things to Look Forward to in 2017

“I have some awesome experiences coming up, on May 18th I am doing a fundraiser and the entertainment is actually Todd Carey. I went on the training sail across the Sun Cruise last month and Todd Carey was one of the performers. He and his partner decided to do house party slash concerts and I was one of the lucky people who he decided to do it for. So I decided to take that opportunity and do a fundraiser for our local homeless shelter. I’m hoping it’s going to be a large event! My husband and I along with his cousin also started a roofing business last year so we are hoping to really launch that! So far so good.”

Tips and Tricks for Those Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

“Read your paperwork in your folder, that little card in there is your “hey I have a tiny tummy let me eat off the kids’ menu”! Also, listen to your dietitian and health coach, they know what they are talking about! And ask questions we all have advice! And it’s actually usually pretty good advice?

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