Gastric Sleeve Cost

Are you curious about how much the gastric sleeve surgery costs not just in Mexico, but also around the world? The cost of gastric sleeve can vary drastically – primarily based on 2 factors:

  • Where the Surgery is Performed
  • If Insurance Covers it

The gastric sleeve surgery cost is high due to the specialized tools, instrumentations and medical supplies needed to perform the procedure. Also since it is not recommended to be done as an outpatient procedure, the cost of the hospital adds to the price.

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Gastric Sleeve Cost Comparison

The price of gastric sleeve surgery ranges anywhere from as low as $4,500 to $25,000 based on the geographical location. In the United States, most individuals report an average cost of $16,000 to $18,000 per sleeve surgery. These are the costs you can expect to self-pay (without insurance), although even with coverage, costs associated with co-pays and deductibles can still be more expensive than Mexico.

For Canadians, the gastric sleeve surgery is covered by their national health care system. However, the wait lists are long and can be years depending on the province. Canadians pay an average of $19,000 when they use “self-pay” surgeons.

Gastric sleeve surgery costs

Insurance Coverage

Cost of vertical sleeve gastrectomy with insurance can range from little to no out of pocket money all the way up to $15,000+. The insurance process is typically time-consuming and drawn out over the course of 6 months to 2 years.

You need to check with your insurance provider if they cover this procedure on your plan and what are the requirements to get coverage. If it is not covered, you should still ask if any of the costs incurred from gastric sleeve surgery is payable by the insurance provider. Sometimes they won’t pay for the surgery but they may pay for different parts of the procedure.

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Cost-Benefit of Gastric Sleeve vs Other Bariatric Surgeries

Gastric sleeve is proven to help patients with long-term weight loss and to help obesity-related diseases such as type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, joint problems, depression, and others. So patients can save money by cutting the cost of medication and treatment of the diseases associated with obesity.

Regardless of the cost, undergoing gastric sleeve has benefits of improved health and well-being, and will pay for itself in a short time. Studies have shown the cost-effectiveness of bariatric surgery on the Quality-Adjusted-Life-Year (QALY). The patient will recover the expenses in about 2 to 4 years if done in the United States/Canada, and about a year if done in Mexico at much more affordable prices.

How Much Does a Gastric Sleeve Cost in Mexico?

Hospitals, facilities, and specializes in countries like Mexico offer excellent healthcare alternatives at affordable prices. Medical tourism to Mexico for low-cost gastric sleeve surgery has grown exponentially over the years.

In Mexico, the cost of the gastric sleeve surgery is typically one-third of the price you may expect to pay in the United States and Canada. In Mexico, costs for vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) can range from $45,00 to $9,800, with the average price at $6,500.

Why is Mexico so Much Cheaper?

  • A lower fee for surgeon/staff – especially in Tijuana
  • High volume discounts for hospital facilities
  • Small malpractice insurance costs
  • Less administrative and paperwork

Is Mexico Safe for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The stigma attached to traveling to Mexico for medical care is often perceived negatively, and even called “taboo,” However, the safety standards and surgical expertise in Mexico is increasing, especially as a bariatric surgery provider.

Mexico Bariatric Center’s Cost of Gastric Sleeve

At Mexico Bariatric Center, we offer Gastric Sleeve Surgery starting at $4,795! The price reflects some of the best certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico all a part of an all-inclusive package.

Mexico Bariatric Center has several payment options to cover the gastric sleeve surgery costs that include credit cards, money orders, and financing. MBC also offers Medical Tourism Insurance* through a third party company so that you can get coverage against unforeseen situations at a nominal cost.

* Medical Tourism Insurance is provided by 3rd Party Company and requires additional payment.

Gastric Sleeve Costs - Mexico Lowest Cost

All-Inclusive Gastric Sleeve Packages (Not Including Airfares)

  • Private Ground Transportation (Inbound, In-Town, Outbound)
  • Hospital Stay – 2 Nights
  • Pre-Operative Tests (EKG & Blood Test)
  • Hotel Stay 4-Star, 2 Nights (Not Recovery House)
  • Post-Operative Standard Medications Including Discharge Medication
  • Follow-up Aftercare
  • Post-Operative Test (3 Leak Tests & Drain)
  • Surgeon Liaison
  • Certified Dedicated Full Service Bariatric Hospital With ICU
  • Nutritionist Consultation (Pre-Op)
  • Skilled & Experienced & Certified & Dedicated Bariatric Surgeons
  • Nutritionist Consultation (Post-Op)
  • Companion at no Charge
  • Tour of Tijuana

The costs of gastric sleeve surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center are straightforward, without hidden costs. It is important to note that bariatric surgeons typically have higher costs with individuals which that greater than usual BMIs (usually 49 BMI or higher).  Also, patients who have hernias are charged another fee.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve w/ Mexico Bariatric Center

  • Impeccable Pre-Op and Post-Op Care
  • Support Groups and Support Forums
  • All-Inclusive Pricing w/ Financing Available
  • Low Wait Time – It takes no more than 10 minutes to fill out an online application and get approved within 24 to 48 hours
  • Better Outcome – MBC team of certified bariatric surgeons have 20+ years and 10,000 surgeries, collectively
  • Low Complication Rates – MBC bariatric surgeons have extremely complications (1 / 10 of  the United States)
  • Save Money – MBC packages are a fraction of the cost of surgery in the U.S. and Canada

At Mexico Bariatric Center, we strive to offer the lowest costs available while still providing excellent patient care, quality expertise, top safety standards, and before/after support.




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