Thank you to all the attendees of our bariatric seminar, it was a massive success! We had so many of our past patients come out to share their story. The following are some of our notable success stories that we received at our seminar!

Below are some of our previous patients who can answer a lot of questions you may have about undergoing gastric sleeve procedure in Mexico.

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Please review our disclaimer on these testimonials from our seminar. Results will vary.

Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

This patient insurance didn’t cover her bariatric surgery. She discovered Mexico Bariatric Center online through research. She is no longer diabetic and would do it again* (*Disclaimer).

Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

She lost 55 pounds from her surgery date (*Disclaimer). “Best decision I made in my life.” She had a revision from Gastric Banding Surgery to Gastric Sleeve .

Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

“Everyone is bilingual, so if you don’t know Spanish don’t worry.” This patient lost 55 pounds in six months! Although, results may vary. (*Disclaimer)

Gastric Sleeve Testimonial

This patient started at 430+ pounds, and have lost 132 pounds in roughly 7 Months* (*Disclaimer). “I felt very safe.” She initially wanted duodenal switch surgery, but decided on gastric sleeve surgery. Learn how she changed her life and why Mexico Bariatric Center was part of her decision.



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