Halloween is a fun way to kick off the holiday season with decorations and costume parties. But, like many other holidays, spooky season is filled with delicious treats and can cause bariatric surgery patients to regain weight. Here are some ultimate bariatric tips to keep the weight off this Halloween.

How Much Weight Do People Gain During the Holidays?

A study found that people can gain anywhere from 1 lb to 8 lbs during this time of year (Díaz-Zavala 2017). People who have struggled with weight or have been overweight are at a higher risk of regaining pounds. Weight loss surgery patients fit right into this category and should be cautious with their eating during the holidays.

Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

One way to avoid eating unhealthy foods and gaining weight is simply to replace them with healthy alternatives. Here are some examples:

  • Load Up On Fruits and Vegetables: Choosing fruits and vegetables over candy is an excellent way to provide your body with vitamins and antioxidants. You can even get creative with them to make Halloween-themed snacks!
  • Pick Whole Grains: Create tasty treats with nutritious ingredients like whole wheat, chia seeds, oats, etc. 
  • Don’t Drink Your Calories: Adding fruit into your water, such as lemon, lime, and berry juices, will help cut down on liquid calories. You can even get creative by adding dry ice, a spooky cup, or some fake eyeballs into your Halloween drinks to be festive.
  • Prioritize Protein: Protein will help you feel full, keeping you from grazing and snacking. Add in some healthy protein treats like protein bars, protein chips, and protein shakes to have balanced snack options.
  • If you do choose to eat candy: Be mindful of the ingredients and think about how it can affect your long-term weight loss success.4 Healthy Halloween Snacks Mexico Bariatric Center

How to Say “No”

It may be easy to replace unhealthy foods with healthier options, but what do you do when you’re in a situation where that’s not an option?

Here are some solutions to help you say no to unhealthy choices

  • Keep Sweets and Candy Out of Sight: If you must have sweets and candy in your home isn’t an option, then find strategic ways to keep them out of sight, like placing them on a high shelf or at the back of a cabinet.
  • Buy Candy You Don’t Like: If you buy candy for Halloween, only buy the stuff you don’t like. Keep healthy snacks that you love around to help with cravings.
  • Buy Some Chewing Gum: Chewing sugar-free gum can make you feel like you are indulging in something sweet and delicious, preventing you from wanting candy.
  • Throw or Give Away the Leftover Candy: Candy and sweets are not good for your body. But when you have leftovers, it can be tempting to eat them.

How to Avoid Bringing Candy

  • Don’t Do Traditional: Instead of focusing on the candy part of Halloween,, focus on costumes, decorating, and offering foods that fit your bariatric lifestyle. Greet trick-or-treaters with alternatives to candy, such as stickers and temporary tattoos.
  • If You Have Kids, Get Them Involved: If you don’t want your kids to miss out on the Halloween fun, get them involved by having them help make healthy Halloween recipes. This can help teach them that you can still have fun while building healthy eating habits and giving them a feeling of accomplishment and excitement.
  • Involve Other Former Bariatric Patients: Another excellent way to keep motivated to do well is to have a support group of friends who have also undergone weight loss surgery. Maybe have a get-together or just share helpful recipes.

How to Avoid Giving in

  • Establish a long-term goal: Having an end result like staying within a weight range or running a 5k in mind can greatly contribute to getting you steered in the right direction.
  • Control Your Diet: Eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet full of healthy fats, lean protein, and healthy carbs to avoid cravings.
  • Control Your Mindset: It is important to support yourself with friends and family who will keep you accountable and will support you. This can help you stay on track and avoid weight gain.