Hospital AZAR® – Medical Tourism Care at its Best

Mexico’s Premium Bariatric & Plastics Hospital Facility

The Hospital AZAR® (HA) is a medical oasis in Tijuana, Mexico, designed specifically for bariatric and plastic procedures. Patients beyond borders enjoy this world-class hospital facility with next-level healthcare innovations. Hospital Azar is international-standard accredited by Mexico’s health department (Cofepris).

The fully equipped specialized medical hospital allows a red-carpet treatment for medical tourists seeking safe and affordable weight loss surgery and cosmetics in Mexico. Ron Elli, Ph.D., collaborated with high-caliber engineers, architects, contractors, and medical directors to create this unrivaled facility in a prominent area of Tijuana. Located about 10 minutes from the San Diego/Tijuana border, The HA medical center will meet the growing demand for bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Mexico Bariatric Surgery Center - Recovery Center
Hospital Azar Building

Committed to Providing Exceptional Patient Care

Thanks to the dedicated bariatric surgeons and nursing staff at AZAR Specialty Hospital, patients can expect the same high standards of safety and patient care as in the United States and Canada. This facility follows the strict guidelines and principles of the Bariatric Center of Excellence while using the latest and greatest medical advancements to create new paradigms in medical tourism. Only a few steps from the US/Mexican border, patients receive a VIP weight loss experience they can’t find anywhere else.

All members of our staff are bilingual

All members of our staff are bilingual

State-of-the-art Operating Rooms

Equipped with ICU and modern technology

Certified Hospital Facility

Accredited by the Ministry of Health and Cofepris

Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered

20% of the facility is powered by solar energy

About Hospital AZAR

Building a high-end surgical center to complete the medical traveler’s journey experience was a vision of Dr. Ron Elli since 2007. The design and preparation for Hospital AZAR hybrid surgical/hospital center started in 2021 and is set to be completed in 2024. Ron Elli helped design this cutting-edge bariatric/cosmetic hospital alongside the greatest infusion clinic architects in the world. With the adoption of best practices in medical tourism and state-of-the-art medical services, their goal was to create one of the top bariatric centers in Tijuana, Mexico. A bariatric and plastic center that could rival and exceed the standards of other facilities like the Hospital del Prado, TORE Advanced (dreams), Sanoviv, CER, Angeles, Vida Wellness, Blue Medical Tower, Oasis of Hope, Blue Medical, and Medical Tower (New City).

The new medical complex has 35,000+ square feet of usable space, including four operating rooms, an expanded recovery area with six beds, 40 rooms, an Intermediate Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an in-house laboratory & X-ray department, a fully-stocked pharmacy, and a spa. This institution has the best-in-class sterilization, a backup power plant, a water-filtration system, in-door parking, a deluxe spa, and more. Situated a few blocks from the Hyatt Place Tijuana, AZAR Specialty Hospital is also one of Mexico’s most eco-friendly bariatric facilities, with 20% of the hospital’s electricity running on green energy.

Azar Surgical Hallway
Azar Surgical Main Lobby

What to Expect as a Patient

Located in the heart of the Tijuana medical district, this new hospital center keeps the medical traveler in mind. Each recovery room is fully furnished, and the ample hallways are specially built for patients to have proper space to travel and recover after surgery. The specialized surgery center has public and private lobbies for patients’ convenience.  While staying in the hospital, patients can also enjoy Tijuana’s 360° panoramic views.

Patients enter the hospital through the lobby and an exclusive underground parking structure when they arrive. They are welcomed into the cozy, open-spaced lobby, which includes elevators that lead into the patient intake room. After pre-op testing, patients can explore the shops, malls, and other tourist destinations nearby before staying the first night at the hotel. On the second day, patients undergo their procedure and then recover for the next 2-3 nights. On the day of departure, patients are driven back to the airport.

Patients receive free transportation to and from the hotel and hospital as part of their surgery package.

Indulgent Relaxation with Flora Spa

We’re more than just a hospital. At Hospital Azar, we believe in taking a holistic approach to healthcare. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Flora Spa, our deluxe cosmetic spa located within the hospital grounds. Over 1000 sqft of Azar facility is dedicated to the spa.

 Rejuvenate your mind and body with access to our Flora spa, a luxury that awaits all our guests.

We offer cosmetic services like Botox and Fillers. From rejuvenating facials to lymphatic massages, Flora Spa provides a wide range of services to help you look and feel your best.

Flora Spa at Azar Hospital - Mexico Bariatric Center

Hospital Features and Amenities

  • 4 fully equipped, state of the art operating rooms
  • Private Elevator for Patients

  • In-house pharmacy on every floor

  • In-house fluoroscopy (x-ray) suite
  • In-house Endoscopy suite
  • In-house radiology department
  • Luxury Hotel Rooms for premium package

  • Intensive-Care Unit (ICU)
  • English speaking staff
  • Accommodation for companion
  • Free wifi and cable TV

  • Free calls to USA and Canada
  • Main floor cafeteria (coming soon)

  • Generator backup system
  • Water purification system
New Hospital in Tijuana Mexico Exterior

Hospital AZAR Accreditations

Before opening this brand-new tier-1 facility, Hospital AZAR™ received the Federal Committee for Protection from Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) license and became a fully accredited bariatric hospital. The industry-leading AZAR hospital will soon be accredited by the Center of Excellence and Joint Commission International (JCI).

The Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks, Cofepris (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios, is a regulatory, decentralized and autonomous body of the Mexican government. It is supervised by the Mexican Secretariat of Health to regulate a variety of health related topics in Mexico, including health facilities.

Cofeprise stringent requirements for healthcare facilities mimic the ones from JCI (Joint Commission International). Certification by the Mexican authorities is as good as any International patient care and safety standard.

Azar Surgical Cofepris Certification

Hospital Name Inspiration

Azar, the mother of Ron Elli, inspired the name of this highly advanced medical center. Ron dedicated this jewel institution to celebrating his mother’s life as a woman of faith, integrity, and motivation. She has been a teacher, guide, and mentor for her kids and all her students throughout her life.

“I am deeply grateful for my success to my mother, Azar, for her teaching me hard work, honesty, and discipline. She devoted her life to standing for all the values she taught us,” says Ron.

Azar (Atash) is of Persian origin, meaning “fire,” which refers to holly fire and light. Zoroastrians (ancient Persian monotheistic religion) praised fire in their temples as a symbol of purity and truth.

Directions and Address

Contact our staff to learn more and begin your journey with the #1 provider of weight loss surgery in Mexico.


Blvd. Salinas 4554,
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Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico