There are many factors that impact how fast you lose weight. It is a complicated process – with hundreds, if not thousands, of variables that work differently for everyone. These variables can be broken into two categories; things you can control, and things you can’t control.

For example, you can control what you eat, how much you eat, exercise, sleep, etc. On the other hand, body composition, genetic makeup, and diseases are generally out of your control. This article will focus on the top factors that impact how fast you lose weight that you are able to control and change.
Things to remember when attempting to lose weight are:

1. Your Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Eating habits impact how fast you lose weightYour starting point significantly impacts how fast you lose weight. Generally, if your starting at square one and are very unhealthy or obese, you have a lot of room for improvement. As a result, the more changes you make to your health, nutrition, and exercise routine, the greater impact on how fast you lose weight.

On the other hand, if you already live a healthy lifestyle, it can be very difficult to lose weight and see results. The closer you are to your long-term goal, the harder you have to work to get there.

Creating the right balance is different for everyone, and finding the optimal balance to weight loss and staying motivated is something you will discover along your journey.

2. Current Health, Weight, and Metabolism

Metabolism impacts how fast you lose weight

Your current health, weight, and metabolism have a major impact on how fast you lose weight. Having a slow metabolism is a great excuse for people who are struggling with obesity. This ties into your lifestyle.

The higher your metabolism rate, the more calories your body burns per day. Even though it is hard to control your metabolism, you can control the amount of physical activity you spend every day.

The amount you eat combined with the amount of exercise you incorporate into your daily routine is the biggest determination of your weight. Your current weight makes a huge difference in how fast you lose weight. For example, if you start at 400 pounds it can be faster to lose weight than starting at 160 pounds. The larger you are, the more calories your body burns to function.

3. Daily Routine: Exercise and Sleep

Exercise impacts how fast you lose weightDo you already have exercise habits? Any exercise you have will impact how fast you lose weight. Physical activity plays the biggest role in weight loss because it affects the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.

You don’t have to think of exercise like running, playing sports, or lifting weights. Any type of physical activity equates to burning more calories, regardless if it’s walking around, gardening, or yoga.

If you eat less but don’t exercise, the results you expect may not come as quickly as you expected. Just like if your eating habits don’t change but you begin to exercise daily. A combination of eating less and exercising more work together to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Tip: Set Short Term Goals

Short-term, obtainable goals should guide you through your journey to achieving your overall, long-term goal. Healthy weight loss is the priority, and understanding the factors that impact how fast you lose weight is the focal point of your new lifestyle.

Setting goals are key to growing as a person. Self-improvement is a great goal to focus on this new year. Losing weight is often a common objective people strive for when attempting a major life-change. Having a realistic strategy is important to reaching these goals and staying motivated along the way.

Achieve Your Goals

Remember the harder your goal is to reach, the more chances you have of losing motivation while trying to reach that goal. Not only should you create a realistic goal, create realistic milestones along the way. It’s not a race to lose weight, slow changes become healthy, lifelong habits. As long as you understand the top factors that impact how fast you lose weight, the results will come!

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