Hey there! I’m Stephanie—a wife, mom, and passionate marathon runner. Being active has always been a huge part of my life, but there was a time when it felt like my weight was holding me back from truly enjoying the things I love. After struggling for years, I decided to undergo weight loss surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) and it changed everything.

Join me as I share my journey of overcoming obstacles and rediscovering my love for running. This is my story and I’m excited to take you along for the ride.

Why MBC?

My best friend had a fantastic experience and results there, so I trusted the Mexico Bariatric Center to do my gastric sleeve surgery. From the warm welcome to the expert guidance, the team at MBC supported me every step of the way. I’ve seen a total transformation in my life, and I feel more confident than ever. If you’re ready for a change, I highly recommend MBC.

Stephanie with Friend Before and After Photo -Mexico Bariatric Center

“I have lost 100 lbs, which is how much my friend weighs” -Stephanie

My Experience in Mexico

After my VSG surgery with Dr. Valenzuela, I couldn’t be more happy with the results. She was terrific, and I had a great experience from start to finish.

Surgery Prescribed: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Date: May 2021
Surgeon: Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela
Starting Weight: 237 lbs
Current Weight: 137 lbs
Goal Weight: 140 lbs

Stephanie Before and After Pic -Mexico Bariatric Center

My Life After Surgery

This bariatric journey is a crazy ride. 🤪 I am now 100 pounds down total and feel amazing, but there have been some snags along the way. One of my biggest hurdles was figuring out how to eat right to make sure I’m getting all the protein my body needs. After taking a couple of months off of hard workouts, I was able to go out and run 3 miles today with no real issue. That was not something I could say 6 months ago. I began running 3 to 5 miles before tackling 15-mile marathons! Recently, I have been into CrossFit and making it a part of my fitness routine.

See Patients’ NSVs

Stephanie Before and After Gastric Sleeve Picture

It hasn’t been easy, I’ll admit. But you know what? Despite the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing. Now, as I approach the 2-year mark, I can’t help but feel proud of how far I’ve come. All in all, it was still totally worth it.

“Hi, Stephanie. I want to congratulate you on your dedication and hard work in changing your life around. We are honored to be part of your weight loss journey!” Ron Elli, Ph.D. – MBC’s Founder and CEO.

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