Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS) Transformation of JamieJamie is a patient of MBC’s supersurgeon, Dr. Rodriguez Lopez. With weight loss surgery, healthy habits, and exercise, she has had incredible success in losing extra pounds.

  • Jamie Galyen, 37, from California, tipped the scale from 340 lbs.
  • Jamie’s spark for life was pretty dim, and she felt defeated.
  • She puts herself and her health first, which has been hard for Jamie to do.
  • Had duodenal switch surgery with Dr. Rodriguez Lopez in May of 2020.

Meet Jamie

Jamie is 5 feet 09 inches tall and weighed 340 (BMI of almost 50) when she started her journey. Growing up in Vacaville, California, near San Francisco, Jamie was exhausted from the excessive weight that constrained her life. Her body hurt, she moved slowly, and everything was tight.
Never Give Up - Jamie Duodenal Switch Success Story - Dr Rodriguez - Mexico Bariatric Center

Undergoing Duodenal Switch in Mexico

In 2020, at the age of 36, Jamie decided to undergo Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexico. Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS) is one of the more aggressive weight loss procedures available at specialized bariatric centers worldwide, such as Mexico Bariatric Center.

The outcome is incredible, losing over 100 lbs in 8 short months.

As of April 3rd, 2021, Jamie posts on social media, “I officially am down 115 lbs; lost 3 lbs this week! I’m at 215 lbs… (this number is insane to me.. like GOOD insane). I started this journey at 330 lbs. My body hurt, I moved slowly, everything was tight, I was exhausted, my spark for life was pretty dim, and I felt defeated. I have never stopped working out. At 330 lbs, I was still working out pretty regularly, but no matter the food change or activity change, my body wouldn’t release the weight. I found a tool that has helped me become the transforming woman I am today.”

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Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Timeline

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Surgery BPD-DS Weight Loss Timeline

Duodenal switch procedure yields substantial and sustained weight loss that exceeds the average results of any other weight loss surgery option. It also leads to major health benefits in terms of morbidity and mortality. DS operation resolves underlying medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, and susceptibility to Coronavirus. There are two variations of this procedure;

  1. Tradiditonal Duodenal Swith (BPD/DS)
  2. Loop Duodenal Switch (SADi-S)

Overall, the duodenal switch expected weight loss in the first 18 months is 78 percent. For Jamie, her weight loss timeline consists of;

  • Starting Weight: 340 lbs – May
  • 6 Months Weight: 250 lbs (90 lbs gone)
  • 9 Months Weight: 230 lbs (110 lbs gone) – January
  • 10 Months Weight: 220 lbs (120 lbs gone)

Her Best Friend/Surgery Buddy Had SADi-S

Jamie with Surgery Buddy who had SADi-S in Mexico - Mexico Bariatric CenterJamie’s best friend and her surgery buddy also went to the number 1 medical tourism operator in Tijuana, Mexico Bariatric Center®. She also received a duodenal switch (Single Anastomosis Duodenal bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy) called loop DS or SADi-S.

“Together, we have lost over 233 lbs!! We both had our surgeries at MBC!! Our journeys started at different times, they weren’t the same, and our struggles have been different. Together we have made an understanding, loving, open, and accepting friendship. We listen to each other’s wins and struggles. We motivate and encourage each other.”

“I am forever grateful for this journey and for our friendship! I know you are someone I can always count on! I know our journeys aren’t over yet, but damn, it’s been a crazy ride! #ourjourney #weightloss #wls #wlscommunity #ourstory #friends #greatertogether.”

Duodenal Switch and SADiS Patient Success - Mexico Bariatric Center

Jamie’s Final Thoughts

“It seems so quickly we have arrived at the end of week #44… it’s unbelievable how fast this past year has gone and all of the craziness that has happened.”

“This journey is far from over, and I love that. I’m ecstatic about this journey. I’m putting myself and my health first and that’s always been hard for me to do. But what I’ve learned is at the end of the day you only truly have yourself. So work on yourself, pour your energy into yourself, and love yourself! No ONE ELSE will ever love you as much as you love yourself. The people that are meant to stay in your life will still be there if it was meant to be. They will understand the importance of this journey for you. We only have one chance at this, and I promise you that I am 100% trying to make my story the best I have control over!”


“Here’s to a new week, a new day, and a new chance to do and be better! What are your goals for this week? What do you want to conquer? As always.. love you all, and thank you so much for all of the encouragement and support! #transformation #wls #myjourney #mystory @mexicobariatriccenter @Mexico Bariatric Center
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