The New York Bariatric Group conducted a survey of nearly 2,000 men and women across the country to analyze the general consensus and perspective on commercial weight-loss programs versus surgical weight-loss procedures.

Participants were asked to share their thoughts on the effectiveness and safety of bariatric surgery. The team compared these thoughts to the success rate of commercial diet programs. Ultimately, the study found that there is a huge lack of understanding about weight loss surgery and the proven results patients experience after surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery vs. Diet and Exercise

Standard Dieting or Bariatric Surgery Which is better _ Diet and exerciseOf the 981 males and 1,082 females surveyed, 58% considered some weight loss, while 46% didn’t have an opinion on weight-loss programs at all. When it came to weight loss programs, 23.5% chose services like Weight Watchers, and only 6.3% would undergo weight loss surgery.

Nearly 60% of those studied were either overweight or obese.

In terms of weight loss results, 57.6% believed that weight loss surgery was not worth the procedure, arguing that patients would only lose 30-80 pounds in two years.

47.5% believed bariatric surgery to be too dangerous. Not only has bariatric surgery been proven to be safe and effective by the New England Journal of Medicine, but the procedure can also have long-term successful results.

Is Weight Loss Surgery The Right Option?

56.5% had no idea that weight loss surgery could be covered by their health insurance, and 25.7% assumed that their health insurance would not cover the surgery at all.

41.5% believed weight loss surgery is the best solution for those with serious weight problems. 35.5% believed that people should not resort to bariatric surgery and should instead solely rely on diet and exercise to lose excess weight.

According to research, people who followed traditional weight loss programs only lost 5-15 pounds in a two-year span.

Why diet and exercise does not work

Is Surgery Better than Standard Dieting?

Standard Dieting or Bariatric Surgery Which is better - Weight Loss SurgeryThis study comes shortly after the American Medical Association reported and recognized that obesity is a disease. Countless overweight Americans are at an increased risk of dangerous health conditions, including hypertension, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, and heart attacks.

The founder of the New York Bariatric Group, Dr. Shawn Garber, believes that these survey results will better educate Americans on the misconceptions about commercial dieting versus weight loss surgery.

“There is a common belief that diets work long-term, when in fact, 95% of the time, they do not work for those who suffer from obesity,” Garber concluded.

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