How Does Your Quality of Life Improve After Bariatric Surgery?

Staying committed to a new way of life after weight loss surgery is a massive feat to accomplish for anyone. Not only is it difficult, it is a lifelong struggle that constantly requires dedication and self-discipline. There is no antidote or simple solution to sustain a healthy life after weight loss surgery. As an effective tool, bariatric surgery combined with a secure long-term strategy will significantly improve a healthy life after weight loss surgery.

Diet & Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

Diet and Nutrition after weight loss surgery

Nutrition and diet are now an essential part of your new life after weight loss surgery. Post-bariatric surgery nutrition is a very delicate process that gradually changes. It is imperative that you are following your personalized diet plan to a T. Within the first month after weight loss surgery, your nutritionist will build a specific diet plan to adhere to. It generally follows the same phases for everyone, beginning with liquids and gradually progressing to solid foods.

A huge challenge after weight loss surgery is getting enough fluids in. It sounds easy, right? After bariatric surgery, it feels impossible to drink enough fluids because you don’t have any desire to drink.

Diet and nutrition after weight loss surgery is a vital change to get in the habit of. It is a difficult process for almost anyone to accept. These gradual changes to your diet are critical to follow after bariatric surgery. Changing your eating habits can make or break long-term weight loss.

Fitness and Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Fitness and Exercise after weight loss surgery

Fitness and exercise can be inconstant immediately after weight loss surgery. There are countless variables that directly impact your body’s capacity to store and utilize energy. Those same variables can expend energy faster than it can be accumulated. As you get to understand your body and its limits it will be a lot easier to be consistent with a balanced physical activity after weight loss surgery.

Keep your activity controlled and limited so you don’t risk over-exerting yourself. It can sometimes turn into a balancing act trying to stay physically active and not expend all of your energy. Exercise is an important part of recovery. Be diligent in the exercise plan that is personalized by your surgeon.

Around 30 days after weight loss surgery, you will be approved to expand in physical activity and exercise. 60 days after bariatric surgery, a follow up with your weight loss surgeon will determine if you are ready to get back to a  proper exercise routine. Don’t forget the importance of exercise to achieve long-term results. Life after weight loss surgery is supposed to be a transformation to becoming a new person. Get into a routine of healthy exercise habits.

Body, Mind, and Health Improvements After Weight Loss Surgery:

Health Improvements after weight loss surgery

As your weight goes down, so does your health problems. The health concerns that were once major daily obstacles gradually get better. Common health problems include high blood pressure, diabetes, heartburn, asthma, pain, tiredness, etc. The health improvements that result after weight loss surgery are truly remarkable. Improvements to your physical health can be as impressive as your rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Benefits of weight loss surgery are significant to improving quality of life. According to, “After weight loss surgery, most people — about 95% — say their quality of life is better. Some studies also suggest people live longer after weight loss surgery, compared to equally obese people who don’t get surgery.”

When a patient goes through a life-changing moment like weight loss surgery, there are positive changes and negative changes. There is always a chance for something to arise that isn’t common for other patients. Remember you are your best advocate and you should always contact your surgeon or general physician if you see changes in yourself that you weren’t expected.

  • Psychological changes can easily arise because of the life-changing experiences. Some people have a boost in confidence and happiness, while others may not see any changes or feel like weight loss surgery is not working for them.
  • Mental stages are often affected by past eating habits to alleviate negative emotions, anxiety or stress, loneliness, or eating disorders. Afterall weight loss surgery won’t make any mental issues disappear. You need to work with professionals to create an alternative strategy to deal with these feelings.
  • Food was your solution throughout your life. Now, what do you do if you can’t use food to overcome emotions because your stomach won’t allow it? Stay in touch with your doctor and surgeons. Get help and never give up.

Be Proud of Every Step You Take in Reaching Your Desired Weight Loss Goals

Immediately after weight loss surgery, patients lose weight extremely fast and usually without much effort. This is because it’s surprisingly difficult to eat and drink. Some habits may change instantly. Your favorite food may become your least favorite. Do not become overconfident or presumptuous because this is just the first phase. After weight loss surgery, your stomach is unable to store anywhere near the amount of food that you have grown used to. This makes it really easy to start losing weight. Unfortunately, losing weight won’t stay effortless forever. You must realize that every step you take whether big or small, is moving you toward your long-term weight loss goals.

After weight loss surgery, your life will never be the same again. This life-changing procedure has given you a real advantage in making it much more possible to do what can’t be done by yourself. Don’t ever let yourself forget the voice you once had inside your head that controlled your life with every unhealthy habit you had. You can be your best advocate or your worst enemy. Always take the steps that bring you closer to accomplishing your dream of being healthy and happy. Life after weight loss surgery can be everything you imagined it would be. Put in the effort. Don’t get discouraged. Be proud of how far you have come and never forget how bad it once was. You got this!