Living in Riverside, California, I was fed up with my lifestyle and the way things were going. I was emotionally depressed and was having a really hard time getting out of bed. I took care of 6 kids while going to law school and getting my master’s degree all while juggling an already busy schedule.

This was forcing me into a bad routine and unhealthy eating habits. I found myself eating at all hours of the night, especially before bedtime. My weight grew and grew until it was almost impossible to bend over and put on my shoes.

In this video Lisa describes sharing and working with other patients going through with the surgery.
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Mexico Bariatric Center - Success Story

That is when I decided to take my life back and started researching bariatric surgery. After a year of searching around, I decided to go with Mexico Bariatric Center to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

I was impressed with Dr. Cabrera’s long list of educational credentials and how the entire staff treated me when I was there. I was grateful to be able to bring my friend with me during the trip who stayed in the hospital with me* and supported me emotionally throughout the whole process.

My Surgery Experience

I underwent surgery in August. I was always scared to do it but at that time, I knew I had to. I was a size 24 and now after 7 months, I’ve lost 88 pounds and now fitting into a size 6! Even just 2 ½  months after the surgery, I dropped 45 pounds*. I’m so excited and my energy has come back! I never want to add on another pound again!

4 hours after my surgery, I was already walking around and overwhelmed but happy that I went through with the procedure. I was already feeling better and I was able to go sightseeing all around the beaches of Tijuana with my friend the next day. Now 7 months later, I’m still feeling great and love sharing my story with other folks in the same position.

In this candid video she explains how she has been dealing with hair loss

My Life After Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Success Story

Before I finally decided to have the gastric sleeve, I had the same worries so many of us have had. One of the fears I had and I think everybody has had when it comes to weight loss surgery is hair loss. Yeah, I’m dealing with it but it’s not the end of the world. It comes in phases and is really manageable, especially with the right hairstyles and proper treatment.

The biggest challenge for me was getting over my love of food. I consider myself a food critic and I love to cook with friends so it was always hard to stop eating after 3 bites. As a vegetarian, it was even harder to not overeat but luckily, the sleeve makes it uncomfortable to eat too much. Every time I wanted to go for an extra bite or try a friend’s meal, I was able to stop myself and lose the weight I wanted to. What also really helped were the bariatric vitamins I got from MBC which have been crucial to managing my overall daily energy levels.

At the end of the day, it’s all a mental game. It took me a while to get used to being around food and restaurants and not feel like overeating but it was worth it. For me, I’ve been off my obesity medicine after just 3 months. I was borderline diabetic and had major back problems but since the sleeve, I’ve been healthier and happier. This experience has changed my life for the better and I’m hoping my story helps others choose health over food.


Lisa explains her diet change and way of thinking to avoid fast food

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