Lydia’s Testimonial:

Before and After Photo of Lydia

Lydia, With Her Old Pants She Was Wearing on the Plane to Tijuana.

Before Dr. Ismael Cabrera did my VGS Surgery 06/12/2014 my Weight was 278 lbs., Ht. 5’4″, BMI 47.7, & I wore size 24 women’s pants & size 3x shirts.  I was on BP meds before for Hypertension & my HgbA1c was elevated to where my Dr. said I would need to take Diabetic meds.  I decided I needed to focus on becoming a “healthier” me.

As of 02/01/2014 almost 8 months post surgery my Wt. 182 lbs & BMI 31.24.  I no longer have to take meds for Hypertension, all my labs are normal, my blood sugar is no longer an area of concern for Diabetes, I sleep better, feel better, & I have more energy.  I can wear size 14 pants & size large shirts.  My goal to reach 140-142 lbs.  Thank you so much, Dr. Cabrera, Ron Elli Founder & President of MBC, & Cindy Rios RN.

These are the size 24 Jeans I wore 06/11/2014 on the plane to TJ the day before my surgery.

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Lydia’s Progression and Transformation:

Lydia's Before

Pic #1-Photo I took 01/01/2014 (which was 5 months PRIOR to my surgery. Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery Date 6/12/14 by Dr. Ismael Cabrera.


Pic #2-Picture taken 05/14/2014 in Colorado. (1 month PRIOR to surgery).

Pic #2-Picture taken 05/14/2014 in Colorado. (1 month PRIOR to surgery).



Lydia - 25 Days Before Surgery

Pic #3-Photo 05/19/2014 of me sitting & obviously so overweight I could not even cross my legs & tight squeeze in chair. (25 days BEFORE my Surgery)


Lydia - Mi Doctor Hospital

Pic #4-Photo taken 06/12/2014 @ Mi Doctor Hospital in Tijuana about 3 hrs. after Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Dr. Ismael Cabrera with Mexico Bariatric Center.

05/27/2014 Weight 278 lbs., Ht. 5’4″, BMI 47.7. (Prior to Pre-op Diet).

06/12/2014 Weight 260 lbs. prior to going into surgery.

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