Lydia - 25 Days Before Surgery

05/19/2014, Sitting and I was so overweight I could not even cross my legs & tight squeeze in the chair. (25 days BEFORE my Surgery)

My name is Lydia, and I’m a 56-year-old nurse from Texas. Growing up, I was considered chubby but when I got older, I knew I was “fat.” I was 278 lbs. and wore size 24 women’s pants with size 3x shirts.

I was pre-diabetic and had an elevated hemoglobin A1C. While my family members usually have long lifespans, I didn’t think I would live past 60, and I knew my brother wouldn’t be able to take care of our parents.

Just because I’m a nurse doesn’t mean I want to be a patient

My friends, neighbors, and co-workers were all getting gastric bands. My boss and her friends would actually loosen their bands to eat at fancy restaurants. But when I tried to apply for surgery, my insurance wouldn’t cover it, and I couldn’t afford $17,000 to pay for it myself.

How I Found MBC

Luckily, my neighbor told me that his wife was getting the same kind of surgery I wanted, but she was going to Tijuana for her surgery. Because of Tijuana’s reputation in the state, my instinct was “Are you crazy? Did you want to come back alive?” But because she was a nurse, too, I knew I had to check out their website. I changed my mind when I saw how many surgeries my doctor had done and that Hospital Mi Doctor was internationally accredited.

So I booked my flight and started my pre-op diet. It was hard because I’m a diet coke person which made it almost impossible to get off caffeine. After I started losing weight, I thought I could lose the weight on my own but I knew I didn’t want my neighbor’s wife, who became a close friend, to go on her own.

See If You Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery - Mexico Bariatric Center

My Life After Surgery

It’s almost been 8 months since the surgery and I’m down to 182 lbs and my BMI was 31.24.  I no longer need medication for Hypertension, all my labs are normal and my blood sugar doesn’t show any signs of Diabetes. I’m trying to reach 140-142 lbs, but I sleep better, feel better, and I have more energy.  I can wear size 14 pants & size large shirts.

I didn’t get the surgery to look pretty or for any cosmetic reasons but because I wanted to be healthier. Just looking at the clothes I used to wear, I know I made the right decision. I’m so glad this company has weight loss options like these since it can be so hard to find something affordable in the US.

Thank you so much to MBC and Ron Elli, Founder & President of MBC & Patient Coordinator!

My Progression and Transformation

Lydia's Before

01/01/2014 (5 months before my surgery on 6/12/14)

Pic #2-Picture taken 05/14/2014 in Colorado. (1 month PRIOR to surgery).

05/14/2014 in Colorado. (1 month PRIOR to surgery)


Lydia - Mi Doctor Hospital

06/12/2014 @ Mi Doctor Hospital about 3 hrs. after surgery


Before and After Photo of Lydia

The pants I wore on the plane to Tijuana

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