Macronutrients for Weight Loss

macros for weight loss, gastric sleeve surgery

When many think of weight loss, which we prefer to call fat loss, through diet what do they think? They don’t usually think of tracking macros for weight loss. They may think of some of these types, but not practical solutions:

  • Low carb diet
  • No carb diet
  • High protein no carb diet
  • Diet pills
  • Fasting
  • Cut back on calories only
  • Boost up intense exercise with no change to diet

The issue with these sort of options is that they do not target what the body needs efficiently. If you cut or eat too much of any one macro, it affects the way that your body will store fat and energy, as well as other health-related factors.

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What Are Macros?

macros for weight loss, how to calculate macros

Macros are in fact a very simple way of measuring your diet in a way that is most efficient for your particular needs. Macros are measured in:

  • Percentage of daily calories from Fat
  • Percentage of daily calories from Protein
  • Percentage of daily calories from Carbohydrates

Macro Nutrient Chart - Macronutrients-Carbs, Proteins, and Fats

How to Calculate Macros

There are a series of macro tracking websites and apps that you can use on your phone. Some popular resources for tracking your macro intake are:

You can calculate your macros through resources such as the two listed above based on factors such as your age, gender, current weight, and your goal. These balances of macros are not in any way a dead on the number you have to hit perfectly every day so much as a target to get close to. Other factors can be of course affect weight loss which includes thyroid issues or hereditary factors which make weight loss difficult.

Gastric Sleeve for Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, duodenal switch, gastric balloon, or the primary surgery we are discussing here which is a gastric sleeve is a tool for those who struggle with weight loss regardless of how carefully they plan their efforts.

Today, with all of the unhealthy foods, busy lifestyles, and lack of time to properly cook and prepare healthy meals, gastric sleeve is a way for people to adapt to modern day society to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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Obesity is climbing at such a high rate, and there are so many toxic and processed foods out there that we are led to believe are okay when they, in fact, contain harmful ingredients. It is now becoming a necessity for many to undergo weight loss surgery such as a tool to overcome the struggle to eat right with a busy lifestyle or health issues.

macros for weight loss, woman with pastaHow Macros for Fat Loss Tie Into Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Even after you have undergone weight loss surgery such as the gastric sleeve, it is important that you calculate macros, not just calories alone, and that you make those macros count by eating healthy sources such as olive oil for fat, oats for carbohydrates and lean chicken for protein.

Here at Mexico Bariatric Center we, in fact, have a nutritionist who can help to plan your macros and your diet before as well as after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico with our dedicated staff.

Failing to adhere to a balanced diet, whether you have undergone surgery or not, will lead to poor results.

The gastric sleeve is a fantastic tool that will allow you to lose fat at a faster rate than just through diet and exercise alone. But it is important that you make sure to eat the proper portions and macros alongside vitamin and water intake to best support your health.