Maria - Gastric Sleeve Success Photos

The Start of the Journey

My journey started way before November 6th, 2015. I am 42 years old a mother of two children and a wonderful husband. My life at one point was on the go, healthy but not healthy.. got really comfortable. Comfortable with food, and resulted in my weight gain. Until the day I said no more! I Was highly recommended to Dr. Valenzuela and had heard nothing but amazing feedback about Hospital Mi Doctor after my research I decided to make an appointment.

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Surgery Date and Diet

Maria - Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photos

November 6th was my set date… this just got real… so moving on weeks prior to surgery I was on a strict diet given by the doctor Louisiana Valenzuela I had an amazing coordinator helping me throughout the whole way from day one till the day that I arrived and some and even when you leave and after I was out of surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Results

When I arrived, I was greeted and pampered by the staff and in good hands. Weighing in at 258 and my results have been amazing …no regrets nothing but gratitude… for everyone. I am now 6 months out and weighing 177 pounds and feeling great and healthy ..thank you ..loving the new me.

– Maria Prieto (Rosie Ramirez)

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