Surgery Date: October 23, 2017.

Weight Loss: Almost 90 lbs. In 4 months!

Taylor was a Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG) patient at Mexico Bariatric Center on October 23, 2017. Since her surgery we stayed in touch and watched her transformation through our Facebook Support Group, seeing her amazing progress after gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Throughout Taylor’s weight loss journey, we have remained most excited for her.

Recently, MBC saw her video, “What I Eat In A Day For Weight Loss – Vegan Post-Op VSG + Grocery Store Trip” and realized that we need to have Taylor tell us about her experience at Mexico Bariatric Center.

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Taylors Gastric Sleeve Progress and Transformation

Taylors weight loss journey began in October. Since then, she has lost almost 90 lbs. In just 4 months after surgery. She has managed to transform into a very healthy lifestyle and now educates others through her vlog on Youtube and Instagram.

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My VSG Experience in Tijuana, Mexico

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MBC Frequently Asked Questions

Mexico Bariatric Center wanted a real, unbiased account of the MBC patient experience. There are many judgments and assumptions about weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. We wanted to uncover those myths from a real patients perspective, and share with you the truth.

Some of our frequently asked questions for Taylor were:

  • How did you feel in terms of safety?
  • How was the process with everyone you encountered?
  • Were you comfortable in Tijuana, Mexico?
  • Was the price do-able?
  • Why did you choose Mexico Bariatric Center?
  • Did you trust your surgeon?
  • What did you think of the MBC staff?
  • How did Mexico Bariatric Center compare to surgery in the United States if applicable?
  • What was your overall experience – honestly?
  • What are you most proud of with yourself?
  • Are you happy with your surgery?
  • What has been your greatest emotion/feeling since surgery?
  • What changes have you seen in yourself?


MBC’s message to Taylor: We are so grateful that you were able to share your experience throughout the process. You have achieved so much success that other people need to see that there is another option if insurance is denied or if surgery is too expensive in the US or Canada. Thank you for sharing your story, we are so excited to be part of it!

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