The Berendson Family

Meet a wonderful family who all went with Mexico Bariatric Center to save themselves from the entrapment of their bodies. All faced with various health issues and risks, they all saved up and got the Tijuana gastric sleeve surgery. All of them have had an improved quality of life since meeting with Mexico Bariatric Center® with Top-Rated Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico.

With a grim future ahead of them which included death within a short time span, they all took their lives into their own hands. Now, they are all doing great, have lost weight, their health is improving, and they all do it with smiling faces.

The above video was shot at our free seminar in Utah on May 14th, 2016

None of them have faced any complications and loved their experience in Tijuana with the surgical center and staff.

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