Three months before attending our seminar in Utah, Kathy made the best decision of her entire life and underwent gastric sleeve surgery at our hospital facility located in Tijuana, Mexico. She had surgery on February 02, 2016, at Mexico Bariatric Center.

Kathy A - Before Weight Loss Surgery

Nervous, and shaken, Kathy was brave and kind enough to attend our free seminar and share her success story and her incredible experience traveling to Mexico.

Kathy, along with several other former patients attended our seminar to share with attendees how their experience was with MBC.

Kathy stood up in front of our room of 50 people with photos in hand. “This surgery was The Best Thing I have ever done for myself…

What Made Kathy Choose Weight Loss Surgery?

Her driving reasons for the surgery? Family, six kids, 15 grandchildren, and her personal well-being were among the many reasons that Kathy, like many others, sought out help and guidance.

Kathy A - After Weight Loss Surgery

During her talk, Kathy held up before and after photos, a photo of the portion of her stomach removed, an image of how her torso looked after surgery, and additional photos from within the hospital.

When sharing her experience, Kathy gave praise to Ron and Mexico Bariatric Center for the quality service that outdid any service she had experienced at a hospital in the US. This is a testament to the fact that we do strive to really show our patients how much they mean to us.


Kathy A before after

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