Melissa McCarthy, a successful actress, has struggled with weight problems for a long time. She recently managed to lose substantial weight and get thin, which has become an inspiration for all her friends, fans, and colleagues. The Bridesmaids star showed off her weight loss journey by posting stunning photos on Instagram.

Melissa is not a fan of dieting; however, she says she lost weight by being ‘boring!’ She also changed her exercise routine around. Gossip Cop has it she underwent weight-loss surgery. Here, we will reveal how Melissa trimmed down!

What is the funny secret of her impressive transformation, and how did she achieve her weight loss?

Did she strictly adhere to traditional weight loss methods like weight loss pills, an all-liquid diet, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers? Or did she find assistance in a more aggressive approach, like weight loss surgery?

Due to her rapid weight reduction, editors at MBC speculate that Melissa received the sleeve procedure to lose extra pounds and not diet and exercise!

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Melissa McCarthy’s Biography

Melissa is an accomplished movie star, wife, and mother of two daughters, known to be one of the funniest comedians. She made a name for herself on television, in Mike and Molly, in films such as Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters, and the everlasting genius of her “Spicey” imitation on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Born in Plainfield, Illinois, in 1970, she is 5′ 2 and weighed 80 kilograms (kgs) before slimming down. Melissa has been happily married to her long-term boyfriend, Ben Falcone, since 2005.

Melissa McCarthy moved to New York, where she worked as a stand-up comedian. She eventually moved to Los Angeles in 1990. She is a scriptwriter, producer, and fashion designer as well. Melissa is worth more than 50 million and is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

She used to be much thinner when she appeared in the “Gilmore Girls” trivia show. The stress of everyday life and the demand of her career slowly added the numbers on the scale. Melissa was called “fat” before her current dropping pounds.

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Inside Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss

The now 50-year-old comedian (2020) has been quite candid about discussing her weight and healthy lifestyle journey with her followers. And doing it, of course, with her signature hilarious and realistic flare.

The Spy star admits to continuous weight loss and gains as well as falling into the trap of fad diets across her life. She has been in every size in the world!

The majority of American women are ‘plus size,’ size 14 and over. Melissa had a hard time finding designers to clothe her and was disappointed every time she went shopping. That is why she launched her own clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, in 2015.

So, How Did Melissa McCarthy Lose Weight?

Melissa lost 70 lbs on a medically supervised all-liquid regimen plan around 2003. “I’d never do that again. I felt starved and crazy half the time,” she explained to People Magazine.

And though McCarthy admits she will likely have ups and downs in her weight throughout the rest of her life, she has expressed that her recent weight loss was done via conventional lifestyle changes with improved diet and physical activity.

“You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun, and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick,” McCarthy told Extra.

And while she’s known for her outstanding comedic skills and notorious performances, McCarthy is now turning heads with her incredible weight loss journey.

The comedian revealed her makeover in several interviews and on Instagram. And now we have to ask, how did she do it?

Obsessed with McCarthy’s Weight Loss Transformation?

McCarthy is the latest celebrity to be complimented for her astonishing weight loss. People’s obsession with A-listers and their achievements, like weight loss, comes from the fact that we idolize them.

As a society, we measure self-worth based on appearance. People treat you differently when you are overweight or obese. We relate our image and potential directly to idols and what they are capable of accomplishing. When a famous Hollywood personality loses weight, we believe that we can do it too!

Did Melissa McCarthy Have Weight Loss Surgery?

McCarthy claims that her health journey has come “easy” to her and denies that she had a gastric bypass procedure. However, her quick and stable weight decline is a typical result of “easy” weight loss with surgery.

So, did the comedian resort to surgical treatment for her obesity? While possible, it may be something we’re left pondering unless the actress tells us herself.

So, What’s Next?

Melissa continues to get lighter and healthier. She has been upfront with her fans about losing extra body fat, a new wholesome lifestyle, and magic weight loss drugs like Ozempic.

But did the comedian supplement her traditional approach with secret weight loss surgery? It seems we will know only if she decides to share the more intimate details of her journey with the world.