Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) has created a huge buzz in the Mexican medical tourism industry. MBC has continuously published its high success rate, outstanding patient satisfaction, and unbelievably low complication rate.

Mexico Bariatric Center’s name is associated with a trusting, compassionate, and safe obesity treatment center. Our reputation has maintained one of the top-known bariatric firms around the world, with some of the highest-quality reviews from patients whose lives have changed forever.

With 10+ years in the global healthcare market, over 10,000 bariatric surgeries performed, and over 20 years of surgical team experience, MBC is a leader in weight loss surgery worldwide as well as in Mexico.

Patient Satisfaction

Overall Patient Satisfaction Rate 2017 - Mexico Bariatric Center

In terms of patient satisfaction, Mexico Bariatric Center has some of the best service and reviews among all the weight loss surgery centers in Mexico. With over 92.75% overall satisfaction rate in 2017, patients continue praising Mexico Bariatric Center with high marks for their life-changing success, its coordination, the surgical teams, certified hospital, coordinators, and patient advocates.

MBC Yelp Satisfaction Rate 2017


Patients have also expressed a 95% satisfaction rate on Yelp. Yelp is the biggest outlet for reviews on the internet. Check out our Yelp reviews here!

Check out our Yelp Reviews here!


FacebookMBC Facebook Satisfaction Rate 2017

MBC patients have expressed nothing short of love and gratitude through reviews on Facebook and Yelp. Mexico Bariatric Center has a patient satisfaction rate of 90.5% on Facebook.

Check out our Facebook Reviews here!

Complication Rate

According to Mexico Bariatric Center’s records, their complication rate has remained at an all-time low, even lower (a fraction) than the United States bariatric surgery complication rate. Considering the number of weight loss procedures performed and the complexity of the surgeries, MBC has one of the lowest complication rates in the industry for 2017.

In 2017, Mexico Bariatric Center’s complication rate for weight loss surgery was 0.54% (meaning 0.54 out of 100 people) among all of our bariatric surgeons combined. This means that 1 out of 185 patients had a bariatric complication in 2017. Keep in mind that most complications are not as serious as others. In the United States bariatric industry, the complication rate is at 4% of patients (meaning 1 out of 25 patients).

Apart from their low complication rate, Mexico Bariatric Center has had no surgery-related deaths in 2017. Feeling safe with your bariatric company is at the top of any patient list before being put under for a major procedure.

Success Rate

Through the use of our board-certified expert surgeons and dedicated staff, patients are given the tools and resources needed to achieve their goal weight. MBC patients who travel to Tijuana, Mexico to undergo bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve have been shown to lose more than the published average Excess Weight Loss (EWL) of 65%. Key factors that also play a role in the success of our patients are proper postoperative diet, bariatric vitamin intake, and a healthy exercise regimen.

What makes the success rate of our patients so exciting to us is to see them overcome health and social issues such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, depression and, at times, be taken off all health-related medications. See patient Before and After photos here!

MBC Process

Mexico Bariatric Center has every precaution and staff member in place strictly for their easy 1-2-3 patient’s process. Compared to just about every bariatric provider in Mexico, it is found that MBC not only has staff available at any time of the day for help, they also have more dedicated employees that specialize in every part of the patient process.

The Most Inspiring Testimonials

With all the bariatric centers in Mexico, it is hard to find a company that legitimately cares about your success over their financial statement. Fortunately, we took it upon ourselves to help people who weight loss surgery find an affordable option, also, who takes patients’ lives seriously and actually care about their future well-being.

Mexico Bariatric Center goes beyond providing high-quality bariatric surgery, they literally change peoples lives. See our patients Success Stories here!


In terms of transparency, honesty, and openness, Mexico Bariatric Center strives to do more for their patients and have always stayed true to who they are. If your ready to change your life, do what so many have done before without looking back. Achieving your goals should always be at the forefront of your thoughts. It’s time to stop holding yourself back.

Mexico Bariatric Center makes it easy for patients – with truly affordable, safe weight loss surgery. There aren’t any more excuses. MBC makes sure to fulfill their duty to help people no matter what holds them back. Trust the process. Actually, just trust the process of Mexico Bariatric Center.