Non-Scale Victory Page

We at Mexico Bariatric Center are happy to announce that we are now letting outpatients share their stories on our website and social media. Whether it be photos and text, a video you shoot and edit, or simply a quick video shot on your phone, we welcome your submissions for review.

Mexico Bariatric Center Reviews_Dr. Valenzuela Dr. Montalvo with patient testimonial

Along with the photos and video, feel free to share what procedure you had done, when you had it done, your surgeon, and a testimonial. You can either type the testimonial in your submitted email or state it in your video should you shoot one. All submissions that are approved will be in our Non-Scale Victory Blog. A selection of them will be posted on the Non-Scale Victory Page itself as well.

Here is how the process works if you want to submit photos:

  1. Select photos to send to us of you doing things you could not before, before and after, you on your trip to Tijuana, anything you feel can contribute to your Non-Scale Victory story.
  2. Simply send the photos as attachments in an email titled “Non-Scale Photo Submission” along with your name to
  3. Compose a message to us, sharing your name, your backstory, when you had your surgery, what type of surgery you had done, a testimonial, and the name of your surgeon.
  4. Click send and away it goes to us here in Folsom, California where we will review the submission for posting.
  5. If the story is approved, it will be submitted on our website within the Non-Scale Victory blog.
  6. From there it will be shared across our social media at some point in time.

As far as how long this will carry on and the frequency at which we accept submissions goes, that is to be determined.

If you have any questions you are of course welcome to ask by sending an email to

Or give us a call at 1-855-768-7247