Our Patient Process and Travel Itinerary

Your journey has officially started! Here is all the information about our patient process, surgeons, and much more.

Steps to Scheduling Your Surgery Date

3 easy steps to being approved for surgery, given a final quote, and scheduling your appointment. If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact our amazing patient coordinators at 855-768-7247.

Preparing for Your Surgery Date

Once you are scheduled, your coordinator will send you an email with specific guidelines that you need to follow regarding booking your flights, instructions for pre-op diet, information about which home medications you may continue or may need to discontinue before your surgery. Your coordinator will also send you a surgery consent form as well as a COVID-19 Consent Form.

These forms must be completed and returned to the coordinator before your surgery. Make sure to include information regarding potential accommodations you may need such as additional hotel reservations, use of a wheelchair or assisted device, your contact person’s information and phone number, your flight itinerary, and signature at the bottom of the form.

Required Documents

A current passport is mandatory for all individuals in your party. If you do not have a passport or your passport is expired, we suggest ordering an expedited passport application/renewal prior to your departure to Mexico.

If you are crossing the border, you may use ONE of the following in lieu of a conventional passport only upon approval from your Patient Coordinator.

  • Passport ID Card
  • REAL ID OR Enhanced Driver’s License (Currently only the following states provide Enhanced Driver’s License: Washington, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, and New York)
  • Valid Driver’s License/ID Card AND Original U.S. Birth Certificate (no copies). It is also highly suggested to bring your Social Security card as well as a recent utility/cell phone bill that matches your name and the address shown on your license/ID (in combination with your License and original U.S. Birth Certificate)
Patients Together at Mexico Bariatric Center
Travel to Tijuana Mexico for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

What is Needed Prior to Surgery?

Have Your Documents Ready: Do take this time before your surgery date to make sure your Valid Passports (book or card) are up-to-date. We ask that you submit the following documents to complete your file;

  1. Complete the Consent Form
  2. Upload Copy of Passport (Unless you have spoken to your Patient Coordinator and have arranged a different form of Identification)
  3. Upload Copy of Flight Itinerary *Arrival Time: Before 12:00 PM (noon). Departure Time: After 2:00 PM.
  4. Upload Proof of Final Payment or pay online (14 days prior)

What to Bring for Your Trip

Packing List: Pack lightly, and make sure that any laptops, notepads, or electronic devices are in travel cases with your name clearly on them. The hotel and hospital have the standard US outlets, free wi-fi, and free phone while at the hospital.

Make sure to pack a loose, comfy nightshirt, the role of medical tape, gauze, or larger bandages for sensitive skin, also a soft “sports bra” and take any medications you take on a regular basis with you in the original prescription bottles. It is not necessary to bring any drinks or foods with you to Tijuana; you can buy any sports drinks or juices once you arrive at the hotel.

Check out our Patient Recommended Packing List


Arrive one day prior to surgery before 12:00 pm PST. Transportation Included. Pre-Op Tests and Stay at Hotel.


Transportation to Hospital Mi Doctor. Stay for 2 nights in our Hospital w/ ICU under 24/7 care.


Recover in Hospital. 2-3 Leak Tests. 3. Spend day/night at Hospital Mi Doctor or Hotel w/ Companion.


The driver takes you across the border to San Diego airport. Plan departure flight after 2:00 pm.


Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Switch: Stay 1x Additional Night in the Hospital. Depart on Day 5.

Travel Itinerary for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Karla - Tijuana Coordinator
Patients with Dr. Christian Rodriguez in Mexico
Recover at Hospital
Discharge from Hospital
COVID-19 Nurse with Personal Protective Equipement - Mexico Bariatric Center

Post-Op Diet (Back at Home)

We recommend patients to take 2 to 3 weeks off work (total starting from surgery day) for gastric sleeve. Although, for most patients it can be a lot less time. It all depends on how you feel. Please let us know if you need paperwork signed for medical leave from work!

A good rule of thumb for the post-op diet, starting from your surgery day;

  • Phase One (5 to 7 days): 1st week continues clear liquids
  • Phase Two ( 7 to 14 days): 2nd week add thick liquids to your diet.
  • Phase Three (14 to 21 days): 3rd week adds pureed foods and soft solids to your diet
  • Phase Four (21+ Days): 4th week add solid foods. Go slow when starting on solid foods again, remember you are trying to give your tummy time to heal and let the swelling go down.

Restart your medications as instructed by the doctors. If you are diabetic and use insulin, you may have to adjust the amounts as your dietary needs have changed. *Make sure to sip 64 ounces of clear fluids (like water) all day long.

Make sure to discuss with the doctor when to start daily vitamins, Hair, Skin & Nails (biotin), calcium chews, and sublingual B-12. Your stomach may be rumbly for several weeks!! Refer to the post-op diet plan for which foods to incorporate back into your diet.

If you have any questions regarding your post-op diet you can email them to the Mexico Bariatric Center, Dietitian/Nutritionist who can be found here. Any medical questions should be directed to the doctor or their assistants. Your patient coordinator can assist you in sending your questions to the physician. Finally, make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care doctor within ten days of returning home.

Mexico Bariatric Center® is a U.S. Based Corporation started in 2012. Three of our surgeons are board-certified in bariatric and metabolic surgery – which is more than any other provider. Mexico Bariatric Center has performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries. That is the difference – giving the guaranteed lowest price for the highest-quality weight loss surgery package.

Our all-inclusive gastric bypass surgery package includes;

  • Starting at $4,795*
  • Ground Transportation
  • Accredited Hospital (2 nights)
  • Board Certified Surgeons
  • State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment
  • Anesthesiologist and Nurses
  • 4 Star Hotel (2-3 nights)
  • Aftercare Nutritionist and Support
  • No Hidden Costs


  • Arrive one day prior to surgery before 12:00 pm PST
  • Meet our driver at baggage claim (have a phone on to receive calls)
  • Get Pre-Op Testing and COVID Evaluation at Hospital


  • Meet driver at Hotel
  • Stay 2 nights in our Hospital with a fully equipped ICU and 24/7 care.


  • Get Post-Op Testing and Recovery in Hospital
  • Spend day/night at Hospital Mi Doctor


  • Released from Hospital and driven back to San Diegoriven back to San Diego


  • Released from Hospital Mi Doctor for RNY Bypass, Mini Bypass, and DS patients.
  • Driven back to San Diego

Step 1: Submit Health Questionnaire to get approved!

Step 2: Pick Surgery Date

Step 3: Make $350 Deposit

Mexico Bariatric Center operates at Hospital Mi Doctor, translated to ‘My Doctor Hospital’. Our hospital is both bariatric-specialized and full-service making it one of the best in Mexico for weight loss surgery.

All of our patients stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Baja California Tijuana. The Hyatt is a beautiful hotel in a lovely, safe region of Tijuana, Mexico. With an arrangement of shopping, corporate workplaces, restorative practices, and exciting entertainment– all just a short walk away.

To achieve the highest patient care possible, Mexico Bariatric Center offers the best bariatric surgeons who have shown impeccable care and understanding and unparalleled medical expertise. Each of our surgeons prides themselves on delivering the highest success rates, lowest complication rates while providing an affordable option.

World-Renown Surgeons

Surgeon’s experience and surgical technique matters. Collectively, our surgeons have performed over 10,000 successful bariatric surgeries. Trained and/or certified in the U.S. and are the well-known around the world.

Excellent Patient Care

Mexico Bariatric Center has patient care that is among the highest-rated and recommended in all of Mexico. There is a reason why we’re named the #1 bariatric provider based on reputation and trust.

Complete Support

Our surgeons and staff at Mexico Bariatric Center exclusively specialize in weight loss surgery in Mexico. The stories are incredible and the price is affordable. Pick your surgeon now by contacting us!