The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a promising procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity. Before and after photos after mini gastric bypass surgery are truly inspiring. From severely overweight to fit and healthy within 18 months, these individuals have achieved their weight loss goals with the mini gastric bypass surgery.

Seeing the drastic difference this procedure can make in someone’s life is amazing. These photos serve as a reminder of how effective MGB can be. Mexico Bariatric Center® patients’ have experienced a boost in confidence and a newfound zest for life. Leap: change your life today!

Mini gastric bypass before and after in tijuana

Before: November 2020 | After: June 2022

Paige, Mini Gastric Bypass on Jan 2022

  • Starting Weight (SW): 319 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 155 lbs.

“Went on my first date in years last night and I’m just shook. Like, HOW IS THIS MY BODY NOW 😭❤️ I’m so so grateful and I love seeing everyone’s journey to pure happiness. Keep on going everyone and if you’re on the fence DO IT ❤️

Mini gastric bypass before and after in tijuana Mexico

Before: July 2021| After: June 2022

Kayla, Mini Gastric Bypass on July 2021

  • Highest Weight (HW): 250 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 238 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 120 lbs.

“From sizes 1X and 2X, size 18 and 20 to XS and S, 0 and 2. I am beyond thankful I took this jump! If you’re hesitant or nervous, JUST GO FOR IT! Literally the best decision I could have made. The changes I’ve experienced inside are just as dramatic! MBC is hands down, simply the best 🖤”

Before and after mini gastric bypass

Before: May 2022 | After: February 2023

April, Mini Gastric Bypass on May 2022

  • Highest Weight (HW): 304 lbs.
  • Surgery Weight (SW): 292 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 203 lbs.

“I hit 101lbs down a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been stuck at 203/204 for about 2 weeks. I bought this tunic dress on clearance online as a goal dress to help me get to onederland. Y’all, this is a MEDIUM, and it fits! Not only that, but the leggings I have on are torrid 1, and they are too loose! I need the 0s now. My point of this post is my realization that the scale isn’t the ONLY judge of size or victories. I rely on it so heavily that I get depressed when it doesn’t move like I want it to. I know I am more than my dress size but DANG! Putting on a medium sure felt good.”

Read about April’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Before and after mini gastric bypass Mexico bariatric

Before: June 2020| After: November 2020

Andi, Mini Gastric Bypass on June 2020

  • Highest Weight (HW): 214 lbs.
  • Surgery Weight (SW): 213 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 125 lbs.

“I had been feeling stuck for years. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get my weight under control. But that all changed when I decided to have the mini gastric bypass surgery. Wow! The photo I’m seeing of myself now is a revelation. I can’t believe that’s me in the first picture. After all the complications and anxiety, I’m so happy I finally made this decision. Now, I’m on my way to a healthier and more confident life.”

Before and after mini gastric bypass photos

Before: November 2020| After: June 2022

Hannah, Mini Gastric Bypass on Nov 2020

  • Highest Weight (HW): 332 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 321 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 153 lbs.

“I am so proud and happy that I got mini gastric bypass surgery and I’m even more proud of myself for having the courage to take the first step on my weight loss journey. This is a long journey and there will be days that are hard, but it’s all worth it! Be kind to yourself, take things one step at a time, and remember why you started this journey in the first place. With lots of patience and determination, you WILL get to your goal!❤️”

Mini bypass before and after in tijuana Mexico

Before: June 2018| After: February 2021

Tanya, Mini Gastric Bypass on June 2018 

  • Highest Weight (HW): 245 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 220 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 130 lbs.

“I’m so grateful to the Mexico Bariatric Center for giving me my life back; before the mini gastric bypass surgery I was so lost and without hope. But since then, I’ve felt a newfound joy and energy that I never thought  was possible. Thanks to the amazing care at MBC, I’m able to live my life with freedom, passion and enthusiasm. ❤️

Mini gastric bypass tijuana

Before: December 2021 | After: December 2022

Kayla, Mini Gastric Bypass on Jan 2022

  • Highest Weight (HW): 300 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 286 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 158 lbs.

“Today is my 1st surgiversary. It wasn’t perfect, there were bumps and obstacles, but I would do it all again (I hope I don’t have to, lol). I’ve lost 128 lbs, but more importantly, I lost joint pain, shortness of breath at every little physical assertion, backaches, hatred of mirrors, and clothing shopping. I would encourage anyone considering weight loss surgery to do your research; they have pros and cons, and figure out if they are worth it to you. I HIGHLY recommend Mexico Bariatric Center in Tijuana; they treated us well and did a fantastic job from the beginning of the decision-making progress to the ride to the airport afterward!”

Before and after mini gastric bypass surgery in mexico

Before: February 2022 | After: February 2023

Melissa, Mini Gastric Bypass on Feb 2022

  • Highest Weight (HW): 280 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 280 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 200 lbs.

“It’s been 1 year since my weight loss surgery. I’m a whopping 80lbs lighter! Although it hasn’t been easy – there are days where I struggle more than others – I wouldn’t change a thing. Weight loss surgery was life-changing for me in many ways, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in my health.”

Before and After mini gastric bypass mexico bariatric center

Before: June 2022 | After: February 2023

Kaydee, Mini Gastric Bypass on June 2022

  • Highest Weight (HW): 279 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 279 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 199 lbs.

“After my mini gastric bypass, I have been on a journey to becoming the best version of myself. From the before weight loss surgery photos to the today pics, the transformation has been monumental. Each and every day I am motivated to stay on track with my fitness goals, and it gives me a sense of pride knowing that I have done this all on my own. I am so d— proud of me. 🥰😘😍”

Telleha Mini Gastric Bypass Before and After -Mexico Bariatric Center

Before: November 2021 | After: October 2023

Telleha, Mini Gastric Bypass on Nov 2021

  • Highest Weight (HW): 239 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 222 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 121.4 lbs.

“I reached my goal, actually beat it by a hair! Going to MBC was the ABSOLUTE best decision for me! My journey to learning to maximize this tool continues but, listen…this moment feels AMAZING!!! On the fence? Don’t wait another moment. If you’re like me, you’ve tried everything else with limited or no real results. Invest in YOU! You’re worth it!❤️”

More Before and After Photos

Dan Mini Gastric Bypass Before
Dan Mini Gastric Bypass After
Andrea Before Face -Mexico Bariatric Center
Andrea Afer Face to Face -Mexico Bariatric Center
Sarah Beers Before
Sarah Beers After
Kayla P Before
Kayla P After
Carlos C Before
Carlos C After
Kelly C Before Mini Gastric Bypass_Mexico Bariatric Center
Kelly C After Mini Gastric Bypass_Mexico Bariatric Center
Kelly C
April H before Mini Gastric Bypass_Mexico Bariatric Center
April H after Mini Gastric Bypass_Mexico Bariatric Center
April H
Martin V before Mini Gastric Bypass_Mexico Bariatric Center
Martin V after Mini Gastric Bypass_Mexico Bariatric Center
Martin V
Katarina before mini gastric bypass
Katarina after mini gastric bypass
Paige before mini gastric bypass
Paige after mini gastric bypass
kayla before
kayla after
Mariessa before
Mariessa after
jenn before
jenn after
Claudia mini before
Claudia mini after
Grace mini before
grace mini after (2)
Tanya mini before
Tanya mini after
jake mini before
Jake mini after
Renee mini RNY before
Renee mini after
Andi Before
Andi After
Andrea Mini before
Andrea mini after
Marissa Before
Marissa After
Linsey Before - Mini Bypass
Lindsey After - Mini Bypass

You can find more before and after photos on

Weight Loss Expectations After Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

The one anastomosis gastric bypass, or mini gastric bypass, incorporates restrictive and malabsorptive methods, similar to traditional RNY gastric bypass. It is a more straightforward procedure than the classic gastric bypass but has the same outcomes. MGB helps patients lose weight quickly and safely and reverses the comorbidities.

The dramatic transformation of individuals with MGB is remarkable. Patients lose 10 to 15 lbs weekly for the first few months and slow down afterward. Average expected weight loss timeline:

  • 3 months post-op: 35%-37% of excess weight loss*

  • 6 months post-op: 55%-60% of excess weight loss*

  • 12 months post-op: 73% of excess weight loss*

  • 18 months post-op: 78% of excess weight loss*

*Individual results may vary

Mini Gastric Bypass - What to Expect before and after Mini Gastric Bypass success_Mexico Bariatric Center

Benefits of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Besides effectively dropping pounds, mini gastric bypass resolves comorbidities associated with obesity.

  • Improves Asthma/Breathing Issues
  • Cures Type II Diabetes
  • Helps reduce Sleep Apnea
  • Treats Arthritis
  • Cures and prevents Headaches and Migraines
  • Cures High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
  • Cures Infertility and PCOS Syndrome
  • Treats Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD
  • Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Reduces the risk of Back Pain and Joint Pain

Is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Right For Me?

If you have ulcer problems or are taking Aspirin/Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) regularly, gastric sleeve or duodenal switch are better options for you. Gastric bypass and its offspring are better suited for patients with severe acid reflux and GERD. This procedure is also an excellent option for individuals looking for revision surgery.

Our surgeons thoroughly review every patient’s health history to determine if they could benefit from this weight loss procedure.

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