I was nervous and skeptical when I finally came to the realization that I needed weight loss surgery. Diet and exercise just didn’t work for me. Believe me, I tried. I literally made it my full-time job trying out every weight loss secret, tip, guide, trend, diet, EVERYTHING…

Why I decided to get weight loss surgery

Additional expenses while being obese

For some reason, the attempts that I thought were working, didn’t over time. I continued my lifelong battle with obesity. When I finally put my hands in the air to surrender my ability to control my weight, I realized that I am in control – and I have not run out of options!

So… I began my research. (PS. I was 5’4″ and 290 lbs.)

What amazed me the most – how much money I saved by getting weight loss surgery.

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The additional expenses of being obese

I just realized I am a little embarrassed by what I am about to share. If my story doesn’t get out, how can I make a difference and help change the lives of others with similar experiences?  So…here goes nothing.

Grocery store shopping

Believe it or not, I just about lived in the grocery store. Or that is how it felt. I went to the grocery at least once a week. I was spending at least $950 monthly with a family of four. After getting gastric sleeve surgery, I only spend $750 a month on groceries.

I am saving $200 a month ($2,400 annually) on grocery shopping

Fast food and eating out

I used to love going out to eat and not worrying about cooking and cleaning up. Now, I am scared to go out because my portions are small, and I eat slower. It only takes a little bit of food to fill me up. I really just don’t enjoy eating out or getting fast food when I have to throw out and waste most of the meal. I spent $180/month on myself (mainly fast food). Now I maybe spend $40 a month eating out, mainly just to get a healthy, high-protein snack to keep me going.

I save $120 per month ($1,440 annually) from eating fast food or going out to eat

Diet programs and weight loss products

Every new diet that buzzed past me, I tried it. Mainly the diet programs that had real proof; testimonials, reviews, or my friend’s success. The bad news is… no diet program is cheap, and they don’t produce last results.

I save $600 annually on diets that never worked for me

Total money spent on obesity = $4,440 per year

The amount of money I saved by getting weight loss surgery is unreal. Literally…

I paid off my gastric sleeve within the first year after weight loss surgery. It’s not about what happens, it’s about how you deal with it.

One mistake I made was that I labeled myself as obese. I am not obese. I am simply a person who lived with obesity. It did not define me, and it never will again. What defines me is how I overcame it. I couldn’t have done it without Mexico Bariatric Center.

How much you can save after gastric sleeve surgery

My biggest regret while being overweight

My all-time biggest regret that I have is not getting weight loss surgery sooner. It’s not about the money, it’s about health and happiness. I have struggled painfully for so many years. I missed out on so much of what my life could have been that I became lazy and miserable. I wasn’t on a mission to be skinny, I was on a mission to reclaim my lost happiness.

To tell you the truth, I finally found it.

Weight loss surgery saved my life

Keep in mind these are nowhere near all the costs of obesity. Health problems, routine doctor visits, personal trainers, clothes, etc., all contribute to the financial burden of being overweight.

I am eternally grateful to Mexico Bariatric Center for saving my life. I could never have guessed that weight loss surgery in Mexico saved me money. Actually, it’s like they paid me to get surgery. My food addiction and struggle with obesity placed a financial burden on my family. Now, I get to use all the money I’m saving and enjoy my life with my kids.

Thanks, Mexico Bariatric Center,

Karly – Gastric Sleeve Surgery in August 2016

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