During the Mexico Bariatric Center seminar in Seattle, WA, a husband and wife decided to turn to Mexico to achieve weight loss success and get rid of their health problems, including diabesity.

They came to the seminar purely to share their success with the crowd at the seminar. They even stayed back to share their experiences and answer questions one-on-one with participants from the seminar.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Couple - Success Story

About the Gastric Sleeve Couple

Hi, my name is Robert. My wife and I were sleeved 18 months ago by Mexico Bariatric Center. The reason I decided to get Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana was that I developed Type 2 diabetes. I also didn’t like the treatments that I was being offered. I didn’t like the cost of the surgery in the US so I started looking at Mexico and I eventually narrowed my search down to Mexico Bariatric Center for a number of reasons.

Seattle Seminar - Gastric Sleeve Surgery Husband and Wife

The experience was exactly how they said it would be and my wife decided to join me after she did a little of her own research. My wife and I shared a hotel room and hospital room and we were sleeved on the same morning. I am not cured for diabetes, but this is perhaps the biggest, most valuable tool that could be given to someone in my situation. It is very life-changing, but you have to do the work and you have to eat healthily.

Key Quotes

  • “Almost paid for the surgery by splitting meals.”
  • “You have to eat better.”

Amazing Takeaways and Benefits from Gastric Sleeve Husband and Wife

Mexico Bariatric Center - About Us

  • Robert was sleeved by MBC on March 20, 2014.
  • Made the decision a couple of months before when he began to develop Type 2 Diabetes.
  • After some research, he found that his insurance would cover it, and narrowed his search down to Mexico Bariatric Center for some select reasons.
  • His experience was “exactly as they said it was going to be.
  • His wife was hesitant at first and said she would come with him. Eventually, she decided to do the surgery herself. She had her surgery the same morning by Mexico Bariatric Center Surgeons.
  •  A few weeks after surgery, Robert saw his endocrinologist, who found that his A1C was normal. He visited again three months later, and by then his A1C was excellent.
  • He’s not cured since he can still get diabetes; however, this surgery has been his biggest tool to get healthier.
  • He got a card from Mexico Bariatric Center, which he can use at most restaurants to be allowed to eat off of the kid’s meal.
  • The surgery has been life-changing, but it is you who has to do the work and eat better.
  • He feels great and decided to attend the seminar because he believes in what has happened.

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