After undergoing bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico it can be easy to focus heavily on the numbers appearing on the scale. The idea of losing weight quickly and hitting that target weight you’ve always wanted to reach is indeed a very exciting one. However, even when undergoing bariatric surgery, you want to be careful not to overdo it and lose weight too fast.

Do It Right and Enjoy The Journey

A great approach to celebrating the new you after bariatric surgery is to embrace each step with care and to enjoy the journey along the way. If you push too aggressively and do not allow your body the proper nutrition, implementation of exercise, and rest, your body and mind will become overworked and/or underfed, leading to serious consequences.

Provide your body with the nutrition it needs, implement exercise at a safe pace, and celebrate the accomplishments as they come. Bariatric Surgery is not only about weight loss, it is a whole new lifestyle filled with great opportunity.

Celebrating the Success of Our Patients

Over the past year, we have seen countless posts within our support group as men and women take on new challenges, accomplish the desired goal, or even just enjoy a small victory since undergoing bariatric surgery. These victories are popularly known as non-scale victories.

Ways to Embrace the New You this New Year with Non-Scale Victories!

What Exactly is a Non-Scale Victory

A non-scale victory (NSV) is any personal achievement that results from changes we make in our lives, like losing weight. While our former patients may have a goal weight, that is not the only benefit that comes from bariatric surgery. We encourage our patients to celebrate every non-scale victory as they embrace their new bodies.

Our Patients Embrace Their Non-Scale Victories

Just as December 31st approached, former patients of Mexico Bariatric Center shared non-scale victory submissions that they are proud of! Let’s see what they had to say!

Rebecca “Doing 5K runs because I love it now!!”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Rebecca's 5k medals. Non-scale victory.

Jaime, “I can fit into one leg of my pants from last year!”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Jaime in her hold pants! Non-scale victory.

Raeven, “I was able to put my ring on that my grandma gave me 10+ years ago”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Raeven wearing her grandmother's ring. Non-scale victory.

Missy, “After losing 120 lbs, I made the cut to lifeguard at the Olympic Swim Trials!! Now THAT was an A-MAZ-ING experience, I would have never passed the physical swim test with that extra weight!! Thank you to MBC!!!”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Missy at the Olympic tryouts as a lifeguard. Non-scale victory.

Bonnie, “Now living life at 172.”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Bonnie out fishing and hiking. Non-scale victory.

Nikki’s pictures “bottom left and the middle” were taken just before surgery. Top and bottom right pictures were 3 weeks ago in the Dominican Republic at my son’s wedding.”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Nikki before and after photos. Non-scale victory.

Beth, “Ran my first half marathon without stopping and finished in 2 hours and 30 minutes.”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Beth after a half marathon. Non-scale victory.

Daniel, “Riding a Harley, feeling cool and not feeling like Santa Claus and walking away with back pain.”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Daniel on a Harley. Non-scale victory.

Gale: “Can use my jet tub. Before, my wide hips pressed up against the air intake, and this wrecked the motor. Gives a new meaning to being bubbly ?”Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Gale in a bathtub. Non-scale victory.

Check Out This Highlighted NSV Story from 2017!

Mexico Bariatric Center. New You this New Year. Former patient, Kevin. Bariatric Patient Turned Bodybuilder. Non-scale victory.

Kevin, a former patient of Mexico Bariatric Center, accomplished a big goal he’d dreamt of for years when he entered into a bodybuilding competition. His story is yet another inspiring example of how embracing the new you after surgery can lead to great accomplishments.
View Kevin’s full story.

Here’s to 2018!

We are excited to see how our patients continue to impress us in 2018 and are proud to see the accomplishments you all have achieved!

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