What Does NSV Stand For? – The NSV Meaning

Simply put, NSV stands for Non-Scale Victory. The NSV meaning relates to random, simple, or meaningful moments in life that bring about a positive feeling of “I did it!
Non-Scale Victory - every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

What is a Non-Scale Victory? (In-Depth Overview)

We define a Non-Scale Victory (NSV) as a verb (or describing word) that conveys a result, object, goal, outcome or feeling generally used revolving around a feel-good moment. Non-scale victories define a certain moment in life while capturing the feeling relative to that moment.

The NSV’s of weight loss surgery can basically be small wins relating to gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, etc. off scale. It is small things that matter…

When Mexico Bariatric Center started, we wanted to give patients a better life. Period. What really makes it worth it is seeing our patient’s individual victories that came from their new, healthy lives.

What are Real Life Non-Scale Victories of Weight Loss Surgery?

Non-scale victories, generally aren’t about the results of losing weight, but the life accomplishments that came from losing weight.

Climbing mountain after weight loss surgery


“Climbing mountains are a lot easier this year with 82 lbs gone. 18 lbs to goal. Surgery was 5/1/19”



“Going boating with my family and being able to go tubing!”

Going out with friends after weight loss surgery


“Going out with friends and enjoying myself after weight loss surgery.”



I can see my collar bone again =)!



“I can post a picture of myself in a swimsuit and feel comfortable wearing it…”



“I enjoy the outdoors again. Going hiking, camping, fishing, and loving every minute of it.”

Not giving up after weight loss surgery
Dating and going out after weight loss surgery

More NSV’s of Past Patients

One of the greatest Non-Scale Victories is seeing results through random, personal gains of losing weight. New, 2018 NSV’s from our weight loss surgery patients include:

  1. Sitting in my doctor’s office and realizing that I have my legs crossed! It is sooo comfortable to finally be able to cross my legs.
  2. Whenever I am asked for my weight at an appointment, I am no longer embarrassed to say my weight!
  3. Throughout my entire life, I never was able to wear a sundress. Now I can and I love it! Thank you Mexico Bariatric Center!
  4. My small body is able to wrap up in a normal-sized towel after taking a shower!!!
  5. My friends snuck a picture of me when I didn’t notice and I actually love the picture! I used to never take pictures but now my confidence is through the roof!
  6. I can spend time with my kids and jump on their trampoline with them! I don’t have to be scared to break it and I can just hang out with my kids more!
  7. Before weight loss surgery, every part of my body was in pain. My weight got more out of control because I found relief through eating. I just realized the other day that I no longer limp when I walk and my back isn’t constantly in pain. What a blessing this has been!!
  8. When I try on clothes at the mall, one of the sales associates said to me, “you are so little!” That made feel so good! I didn’t realize all the progress I made until that moment. Now I am happy every time I look in the mirror. Plus I enjoy shopping again! Double NSV!!!!
  9. My pants are too lose and my energy levels are really high!! So much personal growth!
  10. Seeing friends that I haven’t seen in years and being called “skinny mini” or “slim girl”. So worth it!

Weight Loss Surgery Non-Scale Victory

What is Your Non-Scale Victory?

Non-Scale Victories create these defining moments in life that make people aware of how far they have come and what they truly achieved! No matter how big or how small, every NSV is priceless.

We would love to hear below in the comments your greatest Non-Scale Victory in life, whether it’s related to weight loss, weight loss surgery, diet, nutrition, exercise, or anything!


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