Over the past couple of years, MBC (Mexico Bariatric Center®) patients have been regularly posting about a non-scale victory that they personally achieved since undergoing bariatric surgery in Tijuana. When pushing toward a goal weight, it is important to enjoy the non-weight related successes as they bring a new sense of excitement into your life!

NSV (#NSV) stands for Non-Scale Victories; it is a way for weight loss patients to measure their success beyond the scale.




MBC Patients’ NSVs

Terri – June 2023:

1. So much more energy!
2. My knees don’t hurt!
3. My husband wrapped his arms around me and said wow you are so tiny! ( tiny? I have never been tiny!)
4. Felling my stomach being flat!
5. Putting on shorts that are too big.
6. Finally feeling comfortable in my body!

Chelsea – June 2023:Chelsea E Firefighter Picture

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but since surgery, I’ve lost 110 lbs, I’m now a firefighter, and I climbed 57 stories with some firefighting gear on, and I did it in 23 min and 24 seconds! Never would be here if it weren’t for surgery!



Cassie – June 2023: Cassie S NSV Story

This time last year I would have never been the “cool” Aunt going down the slides and jumping in the bounce house at my nephew’s birthday party.! Saturday makes 1-year post-op for me and I’m so excited about my new life.  I’m down 149 pounds, went from 20/22 pants to a baggy 10 and a 2xl/3xl to an M/L shirt, I just got my lab results back and everything is perfect, and the energy I have is amazing! I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. So thankful for this journey!



Jennifer- June 2023:Jennifer NSV post

It’s been 4.5 years since the surgery. Today I woke up feeling incredibly grateful for a second chance at life. I have hiked crazy amazing hikes to incredible views. I have traveled to gorgeous places and swam in oceans and cenotes.
Becoming active has encouraged my family to become active. My husband summited Mt Rainer. My kids now go hiking with us.
My son is becoming an avid rock climber. My daughter is playing water polo like a beast. I’m sharing this not to brag but to tell you people are watching and are inspired and encouraged by your journey and story. I leaned on this group a ton the first year until I found my legs.

Danielle – Feb 2021:

NSV - 7 weeks post op can wear rings

7 weeks gastric sleeve post-op and my wedding ring FINALLY fit me again. I haven’t worn them in over 2 years. It sure feels good to have my ring back on! Slow and steady… I will have to drop my rings off to get resized soon!

I am forever thankful to Mexico Bariatric Center and Dr. Gutierrez! They are the best ever!




NSV tight ab belly button ring after bariatric surgeryKassandra – Jan 2019:

I’m feeling confident enough to have a belly button ring in. I haven’t worn one in maybe 5 ish years. I thought I would have to re-pierce it because I couldn’t get a ring in myself but the piercer said the hole was small and tight. So she used a special tool to widen it and put a cute jeweled ring in. Lol.

I can’t wait for summer to wear crop tops & bikinis!

THANK YOU MBC. Trust the process everyone, and enjoy it❤️


Ally – May 2018:

Ally NSV PCOS relief MBCNSV!!! I started my period on time for the second month in a row! Such a trivial thing to be excited for, but PCOS has always gotten the best of me!
Hw: 292.4
Sw: 274.2
Cw: 215.4
Height: 5’7

Thank you MBC!


Amanda – Posted Sept 2017:

Packing for a trip and my clothes don’t take up as much room as they used to. Yeah for smaller clothes!

Niki – Posted Oct 2017:

I posted pics on my personal Facebook and got so many comments on how good I look… this is a big NSV for me!!! 90 pounds down about 20 more I want to lose… I’m so happy with my decision!!!!

Christy – Posted Oct 2017:

I am a travel nurse so I am gone a lot. Yesterday I went to get a pedicure and the owner came up to me and said. “You’re finally back!! And you came back skinny!!! I have never been referred to as skinny. Down 54lbs since 5/20/17.

Kevin: Posted Sep 2017

NEVER in a MILLION years did I think I would ever be on stage for a bodybuilding competition. I have been training my butt off for over two years (surgery on 7-11-15) to scratch this off of my bucket list. Thank you MBC for giving me my life back! See Kevin’s full story here.

Christine – Posted Oct 2017:

I promised myself when I lost 75 pounds I would pierce my belly button again so yeah I guess I’m reliving my 20s LOL or my dirty 30s. Almost to my goal weight.
Surgery March 8, 2017
HW: 240
SW: 232
CW: 163 to 165
GW: 145 to 150

Amy: Posted October 9th, 2017

Today came from my son “Mommy, my arms go all the way around you.” To be healthier for my kids was my # 2 reason for having this surgery. Feels good to be on the right path!

NSV Dancing AgainDaniella – Posted Dec 2020

I’m 4.5 years out from VSG and 2020 has been the best year of my life for health. I decided to hire a personal trainer and I work out with her 3 days a week. This photo was taken tonight. I used VSG as a powerful tool but haven’t relied solely on my new stomach size. I still focus a lot on protein, collagen, vegetables, and health supplements while exercising and it’s a lot of work.

I will continue to invest any amount of money or time or discipline or coaching – whether mental, spiritual, or physical as needed to maintain the results I’m enjoying. I deserve to feel this good and I am glad that I chose VSG. But the surgery didn’t get me to where I am now, I did! And I’m so proud of myself!

Beth – Posted Oct 2017

Took a Zumba class today. Danced the whole hour. I have no Rhythm and I looked the fool, but I danced. Calories burned! Came home hungry. I plan to be sore tomorrow but I’m going back on Wednesday!
Surgery date 8/2/17
HW: 230
SW: 190
CW: 166
GW: 120-130

NSV My Jeans Fit Me AgainAmanda: Posted October 9th, 2017

I bought my first pair of jeans since surgery and they were a size 9, I started in a 20. I couldn’t believe they fit when I tried them on!

Cyndi – Posted March 2016

Non-scale victory! I fit into a size 12 jeans today. I haven’t worn a size 12 in 10 years. Happy dancing!


JJ: Posted October 9th, 2017

Because this was the “easy way out,” I was able to lose my weight, train many hours a week, and running miles a day. This new Life is truly a journey and I can’t wait to see where I go next.


NSV Cross Legs Again

Mj – Posted Oct 2017;

I love these NSV’s. I discovered last night that I can double cross my legs for the first time in I don’t know how many years. I have been doing yoga for a year you definitely can see a transformation in my legs ? I did tighten up my shoes and I can tie my own shoes without any pain and I was actually able to sit in a seat in the car comfortably with a cut between my legs.

It’s been an awesome journey I wouldn’t change anything for anyone that has any doubts please don’t just do it and you’ll love yourself for this amazing gift to yourself!

NSV boots fits meWendi: Posted October 11th, 2017

Feeling amazing today. These Boots Were Purchased Two Year Ago. The tags are still on them… I Had To Get Wide, So I Could Fit My Fat Calves… Today, THEY FIT! My calves are “normal” size now! When Zipping Before, They Were Still Pretty Snug… Now 47 1/2 Lbs Down – Boot Gap!

Thank you MBC! I still love seeing all the inspiration and love from you “losers.”

NSV I feel sexy gatric surgery - Mexico Bariatric CenterJaime: Posted October 2017

I felt confident enough to wear something a bit sexy for a Rocky Horror Show event.

Mindy: Posted October 2017

I haven’t fit into this dress in at least 12 years. In Vegas tonight, going out for a nice dinner. My hubs saw me in it and said I looked sexy. I’ll post a pic in it when I’m ready.


NSV non-scale weight loss surgery victories


Tami: Posted October 16th, 2017

I’ve started putting together an “After Weight Loss Bucket List”. This includes things like buying a kayak, going to a theme park, taking a hot air balloon ride! Does/did anyone else have this kind of list?

Tish: Posted October 20th, 2017

I got my original wedding set on! Surgery was 10/10!

NSV Seat Belt No Extension NeededDebbie: Posted Oct 2017

Sleeved 8/29. Could not buckle the seatbelt on the plane for the trip before. 10/15, flew to Vegas for Work. I fit in the airplane seat and was able to buckle with a few inches or so to spare! No more struggling to tighten the seat belt and no more seatbelt extender needed. Yahoo! Thank you MBC!

Lisa: Posted October 19th, 2017

So this is a strange side effect but I’m not even mad. I used to get motion sickness being the passenger in a car and on airplanes. It’s gone! I can even read in the car now. I would puke before! Small victory!

Paige: Posted October 21st, 2017

Something amazing happened today for the first time in years I was able to ride a carnival ride with my daughter and my ass fit and the clamps closed around me. I can’t explain the feelings that felt being able to do something so simple yet so wonderful. I am nowhere near my goal but this was awesome for today. I am so grateful for this choice and MBC for making it happen!

Aqueelah: Posted October 21st, 2017

NSV - Active Life After VSG Jan 2020 Success Story - Mexico Bariatric CenterNever in a million years would I have ever imagined that I would climb 960 ft I’m so terrified of heights but I did it! I didn’t expect to have to climb the Dunn’s, River Falls. I just thought I was going sightseeing lol It was an amazing experience ?? I accomplished something and it didn’t accomplish me 60lbs lighter and it is a blessing! I didn’t get tired. I did it! Life is awesome Jamaica is beautiful!

Lenora: Posted October 20th, 2017

Huge NSV today to celebrate my 116-pound weight loss and one-year surgerversary. Today was epic and unbelievable. #1 item on my bucket list officially done!

Tammy: Posted October 24th, 2017

Size XL scrub pants instead of 3X today! Woohoo!

NSV Laura feels sexy after gastric sleeve - Mexico Bariatric CenterShannon: Posted October 25th, 2017

My husband and I went shopping last night, I need a black leatherish jacket. I grabbed a large one, he laughed and handed me a medium! I thought there was no way, but out I walked with a medium coat I’ve been in a stall for over a month, down 70 pounds, but my inches lost is 57. I thank god every day that I made this life-changing decision.

Mindy: Posted October 25th, 2017

I went to the San Diego zoo from opening to close, and was walking for at least 7 1/2 of the 9 hours we were there (took a break for lunch), and at no point did I feel so tired I wanted to stop. I had energy all day!

NSV shopping is fun again after gastric sleeve surgery with Mexico Bariatric CenterAmy: Posted October 27th, 2017

New shirts – size SMALL! Never in my life did I think that would happen. The scale has moved so slow (12 pounds) in the past three months but my body is still changing. Losing inches is way better than the number on the scale! Size 16 to a 6.
Surgery 10/03/17
HT: 5 ft. 7 in.
HW: 236
SW: 221
CW: 161

Jay – Posted Jan 2016

Jay NSV 2016 MBCNSV Moments since losing 72 lbs,

* I got in this sweater and other clothes this size and that have not been able to in 12 years.
* I can do the kneelers at church without resting my rear end on the pew.
* I can walk forward instead of a sidewise shuffle in the church pews
* I can hold my hands even my wrist behind my back
* I go up the stairs pretty fast and not out of breath.
* I can cross my legs
* I can put my shoes and socks on without pain and holding my breath
* Sex is fantastic again
* I actually want sex again (my hubby is so grateful..”lol”
* I don’t cringe when I see my reflection as much
* people’s reactions after not seeing me are priceless
* I have a lap now for my children to sit on
* I only sleep half the time with my CPAP mask
* I take over half fewer medications
* YOU are all part of my journey…

Thank you MBC!

We Are So Proud!

It is amazing to see all of these wonderful posts as our patients celebrate their success. Share your Non Scale Victory Photo & Video with us!


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