Nutrition Program at Mexico Bariatric Center

Mexico Bariatric Center® offers its nutritional support program as a standard in its all-inclusive package at no extra cost. While other competitors have no nutrition program or they charge extra for it, MBC includes this vital component for patients long-term success.

Mexico Bariatric Center’s Nutrition Program is tailored around Medical Tourism Weight Loss Surgery and Bariatric Nutrition. Our nutrition care provides patients with diet help as well as health and wellness coaching.  We are very passionate about helping others with weight loss and better health.

Our nutrition program covers pre-op and post-op Bariatric Surgery diet to assists patients in each phase. Bariatric surgery combined with a nutrition program aids in higher weight loss success, in conjunction with a healthy diet and nutrition.

Mexico Bariatric Center Nutritionist - Nutrition and Diet Program

About Our Nutrition Program

It is extremely important to us to share our knowledge of bariatric nutrition with our patients not only through the post-op recovery period but long term to assure our patients have continuous support and are successful in keeping the weight off. Not only do we enjoy getting to know our patients and forming a relationship, but we also want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

We have developed our own line of bariatric vitamins that matches and exceeds ASMBS guidelines. They come in soft-chew, chewable, and drinkable forms to fit your needs. Our aftercare program also includes live nutrition webinars where both non-patients and patients can come to ask questions and get more information.