Panera Bread is known for its fresh-baked bagels, artisan sandwiches, and cozy soups. They offer a wholesome eating experience by blending healthy dining with quick service. Their extensive menu caters to all crowds, including those who have had bariatric surgery. The recommendations below will help you pick Panera’s best bariatric-friendly dining options.

Panera Bread Bariatric Guide Mexico Bariatric Center

Panera Bread Bariatric-Friendly Menu

The ideal bariatric diet consists of a daily calorie allowance of 1,000-1,200, breaking it up into 350-400 calories per meal. Important: Panera offers the option to order only half a meal, making it easier to stay within your portion guidelines after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery.


Panera Bread Breakfast Mexico Bariatric Center

Although you can’t reach for Panera’s array of fresh bagels and spreads, you can still have a high-protein, low-calorie breakfast. With only 30 calories per serving, their egg whites are a perfect option to start your day.

Panera Bread MenuFatCarbsProteinSugar
Egg Whites (30 Cal)0g1g6g0g
Scrambled Egg (90 Cal)7g1g8g0g
Multigrain Bagel Flat (180 Cal)2g34g7g4g


Panera Bread Drinks and Sides Mexico Bariatric Center

If you are trying to enjoy a quick, simple lunch, Panera is the right place for you. You can get your meal to go or enjoy the homey ambiance they offer with their indoor dining.

Panera Bread MenuFatCarbsProteinSugar
Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken – Half (200 Cal)11g13g14g4g
Caesar Salad  – Half (170 Cal)14g10g16g2g
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup – Cup (180 Cal)10g18g6g3g
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup – Cup (60 Cal)0.5g8g6g3g
Turkey Chili with Beans – Cup (200 Cal)7g20g14g6g
Ten Vegetable Soup – Cup (60 Cal)1g10g3g4g
Hard Boiled Eggs (150 Cal)11g1g13g1g

Drinks & Sides:

Panera Bread Drinks and Sides Mexico Bariatric Center

Panera’s large beverage selection can often be overlooked. They offer great bariatric-friendly options with unlimited refills on coffee and drinks for affordable prices.

Panera Bread MenuFatCarbsProteinSugar
Americano (10 Cal)0g2g1g0g
Green Tea (0 Cal)0g0g0g0g
British Breakfast Tea (0 Cal)0g0g0g0g
Cafe Blend Dark Roast Coffee (15 Cal)0g3g3g0g
Cafe Blend Light Roast Coffee (20 Cal)0g3g3g0g
Cinnamon Plum Tea (0 Cal)0g0g0g0g
Ginger Peach Tea (0 Cal)0g0g0g0g
Gold Peak Unsweetened Iced Tea (0 Cal)0g0g0g0g
Hazelnut Flavored Coffee (15 Cal)0g2g2g0g
Hummus (60 Cal)4.5g4g4g2g
Banana (90 Cal)0g23g23g1g
Fruit Cup (60 Cal)0g17g17g1g
Pickle Spear (5 Cal)0g1g1g0g

Basic Precautions for Panera Bread

  1. Avoid Sugary Condiments/Sauces: Salad dressings are delicious additions, but their high-fat content makes them less than poor choices for bariatric patients. Instead, check out our condiments after bariatric surgery guide to help you find dressings and sauces that won’t stall your weight loss.
  2. Avoid Excess Carbs: It can be tempting to pick up a hot creamy soup on a cold winter day but beware of the carb-loaded stews. Instead, pick one of the bariatric-friendly options listed above.
  3. Avoid Liquid Calories: High-calorie, sugary drinks can cause dumping syndrome because of their high-sugar content and can increase your caloric intake.
  4. Don’t Drink from a Straw: Using a straw will introduce extra air into your new stomach pouch, causing gas pain and discomfort.
  5. Avoid Overeating: Meals should be no more than 4-6 ounces. Overeating can stretch out your stomach pouch and leave you with digestive issues.

Simple modifications like this allow you to enjoy delicious meals from Panera Bread while staying on track with your weight loss goals.

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