It’s that big time of the year again: Football Season! Everyone is either excited or dragged along for the ride. You are either chored with hosting the party or contributing to the party. Regardless of the event, here is a list of bariatric friendly party foods – finger foods, desserts, and alcohol that you can eat, drink, or bring to your next party on a bariatric diet. So what are healthy party foods on a bariatric diet?

Low Carb Party Foods on a Bariatric Diet

Bariatric Friendly Party Food

Bariatric Friendly Finger Foods

Most Americans are fans of finger food. It’s the ultimate party snack that you can easily grab and go. The major benefit is that alongside finger food, you don’t truly need any dishes, silverware, or napkins.

If you need bariatric friendly finger foods, you want an easy, tasty, and cleanup-free snack that everybody at the party enjoys.

Bariatric Eating Party Foods

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Bariatric Friendly Dessert Foods

Dessert foods are a must-have at any event. As you know, bariatric friendly dessert foods are few and far between. The guilt that comes along with eating dessert is on just about everyone’s mind, especially for bariatric patients or health-conscious individuals. Also, the term “healthy” and “dessert” don’t always go hand in hand. The point of these desserts is to be healthier alternatives. By eliminating more sugar and having low-carb options.

Drinking Alcohol After Bariatric Surgery

This is a loaded question. Ultimately, drinking alcohol for bariatric patients depends primarily on the weight loss procedure. To preface, it is not recommended to drink alcohol after bariatric surgery, but if you do, here are some healthier alternatives.

After bariatric surgery, you become much more sensitive to alcohol. As you get lower in weight, you will feel increased effects with less of it, and for a longer period of time. The overall recommendation is to keep drinking to a minimum, having only small amounts on special occasions. If you chose to consume alcohol, it is advised to limit yourself to one or two social drinks per week. Alcohol has a lot of calories and can prevent you from losing weight if consumed in excess. It also can cause ulcers.

Here are some tips for people who chose to drink:

Drinking Alcohol After Bariatric Surgery
  • Chose a glass of dry red or white wine and sip on it slowly
  • Avoid sweeter wines such as white zinfandel, muscat, german riesling, and port
  • Avoid sugary mixed drinks such as margaritas, daiquiris, pina colada, white Russian, long island
  • If consuming hard alcohol, mix with a sugar-free beverage such as club soda, crystal light, or add just a splash of cranberry or pineapple juice
  • Add fresh lemon or lime to drinks for a fresher taste
  • Do not use store-bought drink mixers unless they are labeled sugar-free


Going to the next party or event doesn’t have to be unnerving. Spreading the word about hit dishes that are health-conscious and bariatric friendly is important in battling the current obesity epidemic. Remember, weight loss doesn’t have to be done alone, neither does a bariatric diet. Get your friends involved. Get excited. Stay on top of your health, and see the results grow.

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