For many, gastric sleeve surgery is a crucial and urgent medical procedure that is covered by some forms of health insurance. But as many as 25% to 50% of those struggling with obesity are underinsured – or in some cases uninsured – and that can make it difficult to afford these life-saving procedures.

If you need to finance gastric sleeve surgery, there are several options available, as well as several options that make gastric sleeve more affordable for the average patient.

Options for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Financing and Payments

Beyond private medical insurance, one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to pay for bariatric surgery is to ask those close to you. Often you’ll find that they are happy to help you improve your health and potentially save your life. But for those that are uninsured, or require the third party financial assistance, consider the following options:

  • Secured Medical Loans – Secured medical loans are similar to other forms of secured loans. You provide the lending agency collateral, such as a car or your home, and you receive a loan at a lower interest rate. Before securing this type of loan, make sure you find a trusted lending agency (such as a well-known bank) and you shop around for the best rates.
  • Life Insurance – Many forms of life insurance, such as whole life insurance, allow you to borrow against the life insurance once you have made a minimum number of payments. Since bariatric surgery is a potentially life-saving procedure, there are benefits to considering this option if you have life insurance equity.
  • Credit Cards and Unsecured Loans – While it is in your best interests to avoid any high-interest debt if there are lower interest options available, those that require gastric sleeve financing and have exhausted other options may find credit cards, unsecured bank loans, and other options to be the best available.
  • Bariatric Surgeon Medical Financing – Some bariatric surgeons have partnered with medical financing lenders and brokers to provide funding for those that require the procedure. Contact your bariatric surgeon to see what options are available.

Self-Pay Gastric Sleeve Surgery

While the idea of the gastric sleeve in Mexico may give you pause, the board-certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico have approval ratings as high or greater than those in the United States and follow internationally recognized guidelines for safety, quality, and care.  Mexico gastric sleeve surgery can often cost less than 33% of the same surgery in the United States, with success rates comparable to the best surgeons in your city.

If you are struggling to finance your gastric sleeve surgery and would like to learn more about the benefits of undergoing this procedure with board-certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico, contact Mexico Bariatric Center today at 855-768-7247.

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