Weight loss surgery can be a life-saving treatment. For many, it is their last chance to take control of their health again – their last chance to start beating obesity and fighting obesity-related diseases. It can be an expensive surgery, but for many, it is a crucial one.

One of the reasons that so many men and women struggling with obesity contact our Mexico weight loss surgery center are because we are able to provide the same excellent quality medical care at a more affordable price.

The Challenges of Paying for Bariatric Surgery

Yet although Mexico bariatric surgery is more affordable, there are still costs involved, and not everyone is able to afford the treatment – especially when you include the cost of recovery time, and what that can do to your savings. Luckily, there are some options for free bariatric surgery.

How Can I Get Weight Loss Surgery for Free?

Although they may involve some work on your part, if you are able to secure one of these free weight loss surgery options, you’ll be able to experience this life-saving treatment without the financial burden.

These include:

  • Grants – Several non-profits, such as the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation, offer grants to those that qualify for weight loss surgery but have been unable to obtain it for financial reasons. These organizations cannot provide grants for everyone, but select patients can obtain a free weight loss surgery grant that will cover the costs of their surgery.
  • Clinical Trials – Bariatric surgery is often changing. It wasn’t until recently that gastric sleeve surgery became the premier choice for weight loss surgeons, for example, and other treatments (like gastric balloon) have only recently been FDA approved. New bariatric surgery treatments are often looking for patients that are interested in free surgery to be a part of the clinical trials, and although the results are less guaranteed, it can be an option.
  • Sponsors and Charities – Knowing the importance of bariatric surgery, many charities and former weight loss sufferers will help provide weight loss surgery for free for those that qualify. There are many people vying for those spots, so it’s important to start applying early. Many hospitals offer charity care as well if you have a referral from a doctor.

Although it is occasionally difficult, you may also want to consider asking family and friends for their support, through a GoFundMe page or other means. Although it may be difficult to get your weight loss surgery for free through this strategy, you can sometimes get the financial help you need to find some relief from the costs.

Contact Mexico Bariatric Center Today

While bariatric surgery does have its cost, there are strategies that can save you money – and possibly help you find weight loss surgery for free. If you’re interested in learning more about our affordable, safe, and effective weight loss surgery options, contact us today at 855-768-7247.