The time it takes to research and consider weight loss surgeryPreparing for Weight Loss Surgery: Steps to Follow can be a while for many people. However, this is not always the case because some people may quickly choose to undergo this effective obesity treatment tool.

A well-prepared and sound decision will help to shake off all fears and anxiety before the procedure. Additionally, peace of mind before undergoing any weight loss procedure creates a positive attitude throughout the stages of the regimen.

Regardless of how long it took you, here are the steps to follow in preparing for weight loss surgery!

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery - Choose Hospital and Surgeon Team

Choose Your Bariatric Hospital And Surgeon

Choosing the best surgeon and hospital should be at the top of your checklist to start putting things in order. You may visit your primary care physician to help you further decide on which surgeon you will have most of the consultation with.

Discuss with your primary physician the intentions you have regarding weight-loss operation. Your doctor may initiate a formal referral, or you may look it up on the internet to choose which hospital or institution provides the best services and surgeons.

Start researching the best possible procedure you want. Take note that there are different techniques that bariatrics can offer to you. The important thing to remember is that the results of some surgical procedures should be based on your lifestyle and health status. Discussion with your surgeon is usually set to provide you with the final decision regarding this matter.

Do a lot of research and ask many questions before making a decision!

Do You Wish To Travel For The Operation?

At this point, you should have at least primarily decided on what type of bariatric surgery you think is best for you. You should have started choosing where you want the operation to be done. You may want the services of another country or city. The following guide will help you further prepare for that much-awaited procedure:

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Once you’re set to consult with your chosen institution, check your travel requirements in case you have selected to go to another location for the operation. If you are going to another country, you are obviously required to have a passport. Check with the coordinator of your chosen institution regarding the latest travel requirements.

You should also decide whether you want to travel with a companion or not. Just ensure that if you bring someone with you, he or she should also have the necessary travel requirements.

Make sure that the institution you have chosen is a hospital, not a surgery center or clinic. Remember that all weight loss surgeries are major surgeries, and they are done on morbidly obese patients. Comorbidities such as hypertension or diabetes are always associated with patients who are undergoing bariatric procedures.

General anesthesia is required for these types of surgery; thus, it is only necessary to be done in a fully equipped hospital equipped to handle complications should the need arise. Moreover, the hospital should have an ICU, an Emergency Department, a Cardiologist on staff, and readily available blood stocks. It is also important that the surgeon’s office is located near the hospital.

Planning Ahead – Be Prepared Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

Always plan ahead if you are traveling to another location or country. See to it that the departure and arrival schedules are correct. Extra time may be needed at the airport or in customs; that’s why it is necessary to arrive early before the flight schedule.

Provide yourself with a detailed flight itinerary in case a coordinator at the airport will pick you up. Pack your travel documents, clothing, and money accordingly. You need not bring unnecessary items that can be bought in grocery stores of your destination. Preoperative fasting must be initiated early before the preoperative testing once you arrive.

Here is a Complete Packing List of What to Bring to Mexico

When you arrive at your certain location for the procedure, you must undergo preoperative tests immediately before or after checking in a hotel or hospital admission. When you finally meet your surgeon, you will be given time to discuss your concerns regarding your chosen operation with him.

The doctor may suggest other procedures that he thinks will best suit you. All concerns in connection with the operation will be addressed accordingly, and you will be allowed to meet the surgical team members, including the anesthesiologist.

Things to Remember When Planning Weight Loss Surgery

Many pitfalls due to wrong choices and decisions are not clearly shown early on. Remember that part of getting ready for the procedure entails knowing and deciphering the signals of the services’ offers and moves. Most of the time, these signals verify the authenticity of the services that the surgeon and institution have been offering you.

So, what are the things you should be aware of?

  • Don’t be afraid to verify credentials – checking the surgeon’s credentials is your right. Always take note that all ethical and competent physicians will not mind showing their official certificates. Don’t fall for the “it-probably-is” mentality when something sounds too good to be true. Your life is at stake if the procedure falls into the wrong hands.
  • Be suspicious of cheap procedures – familiarize yourself with the current cost of surgery in the area you are trying to look into. Remember that prices differ from one location to another. What seems too cheap doesn’t mean it’s always worth it. Probe on why they are less expensive than others.
  • Never choose to proceed with the operation in a “clinic” or “surgery center” – the medical services provided by different countries vary. Emergency response, for example, in one country can take at least 30 minutes, and they would want to ask for your payment before you are admitted. That’s why a well-equipped hospital must ensure your safety and emergency needs during operation. As mentioned earlier, bariatric procedures are major surgeries, including even Lap-Band surgery.

Getting the full benefits of weight loss surgery is only possible if you plan ahead. Regrets after the operation due to wrong decisions are eliminated when you have geared up accordingly. Finally, having a firm determination to have the surgery is always guided by sound judgment prior to the procedure, so never hurry on a decision.

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