Mexico Bariatric Center® has led the medical tourism industry since 2012. Our specialization in bariatric surgery has outpaced most competitors by operating on a vast range of laparoscopic and endoscopic weight loss procedures in Tijuana, Mexico.

We paved the way for superior medical standards and rapid surgical innovation with the most sought-after surgeons in Tijuana bariatrics. Procedures range from the most in-demand sleeve gastrectomy to highly complex operations like the duodenal switch (BPD-DS).

Our surgeons always strive for the most secure and reliable procedures. Mexico Bariatric Center’s surgical complication rate has remained consistently below 1% – the 2021 overall number is 0.35%.

MBC overall complication rate pie chart 2021


The data presented was systematically collected by our medical staff to analyze medical performance and compare the association between bariatric surgery volume against intraoperative and postoperative outcomes.

To outline the overall efficacy of Mexico Bariatric Center’s medical team, we analyzed the short-term and long-term surgical after-effects throughout 2021, including leakage, bleeding, infection, blockage, and mortality. We have gathered this data to showcase how our extensive safety measures and advanced clinical techniques correlate to the success and safety of bariatric patients.

Complication Rate by Surgeon 2021

In this study, we looked at each surgeon’s complications reported between Jan 1, 2021, thru Dec 31, 2021. The surgical complexity is reflected in each doctor’s overall success ratio percentage.

Mexico Bariatric Center reported a 0.35% complication rate. Resulting in a 99.65% success rate.

SurgeonComplication RateDeath Rate
Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela0.00%0%
Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez0.38%0%
Dr. Miguel Montalvo0.12%0%
Dr. Ismael Cabrera0.00%0%
Dr. Jacqueline Osuna0.00%0%
Dr. Christian Rodriguez0.97%0%

Complication Rate by Procedure 2021

The complication rate percentage is calculated based on the total surgeries performed for each type of operation and divided by the reported complexities. Any post-operative patient who experienced difficulties will be shown under the complication rate. No fatalities were documented in 2021.

SurgeryComplication RateDeath Rate
Gastric Sleeve0.20%0%
RNY Gastric Bypass0.92%0%
Mini Gastric Bypass0.00%0%
Duodenal Switch Surgery2.13%0%

List of Bariatric Complications

Complications range from the mildest complications to more serious complications. Out of all the patients operated on in 2021, here is the overall complication rate (%).

Type of Complication# of PatientsPercentage (%)
Bleeding (Gastric Sleeve)1/9930.10%
Bleeding (Gastric Bypass)1/2460.41%

Bariatric Procedures % Per Surgeon

The following chart breakdowns the types of surgeries performed by each MBC bariatric specialist in 2021.

Surgical Complexity

Bariatric, or weight-loss surgery, is rapidly evolving every day. The days of open incision surgery are behind us and minimally invasive procedures like gastric sleeve, RNY gastric bypass, gastric balloon, and even revolutionary procedures like endoscopic-banded gastroplasty have taken over the mainstream market.

Surgery types performed by each bariatric surgeon in 2021

Surgeons with advanced skill sets along with cutting-edge medical technology have laid the framework for more efficient, safer obesity treatment around the world.

BMI Range

Dr. Christian Rodriguez typically deals with more complex operations such as Duodenal Switch and the reverse RNY Gastric Bypass. He periodically operates on high-BMI patients who are considered “higher risk”. Below is an analysis of the BMI ranges that each MBC surgeon performed in 2021.

BMI range of patients for each surgeon 2021

Post-Operative Weight Loss Outcomes 2021

The data below is collected from 1,000 bariatric surgery patients. Each result is based on recovery after three months, six months, and one year.

  • In 3 months, patients reported an average of 39.3 lbs of weight loss
  • At 6 months, patients lost an average of 59.8 lbs of weight loss.
  • After 1 year, patients had an average of 79.2 lbs of weight loss.

Average Annual Weight Loss Per Bariatric Procedure

The findings below take the average weight loss after 1 year of recovery. Each category is based on four of the most in-demand procedures MBC performed in 2021.

SurgeryWeight Loss (lbs)
Gastric Sleeve75 lbs.
RNY Gastric Bypass81 lbs
Mini Gastric Bypass80 lbs.
Duodenal Switch Surgery107 lbs.

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