Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND)

Gastric Banding, also known as Adjustable Gastric Band (AGB), is a surgical weight loss procedure that places an inflatable silicone ring implanted laparoscopically over the stomach. Gastric banding aims to restrict food intake and ultimately reduce weight.

This was once the most common bariatric operation in the United States and Canada. However, the lack of long-term weight loss and safety concerns have mostly declined its use. Lap-band could still be a good option for patients who can get after-care support and follow the diet after the procedure.

Adjustable Gastric Banding LAP-BAND

Surgery Duration
1.5 – 2 Hours

Hotel Stay
1 Night Pre-Op

Hospital Stay
3 Nights

Back to Work
2 – 3 Weeks

How Gastric Banding Works

Undergoing Lap Band in Mexico can save patients thousands of dollars while being performed by a certified bariatric surgeon with equal or more experience than United States surgeons. All of Mexico Bariatric Center® qualified weight loss surgeons perform brand-name LAP-BAND surgery in a full-service hospital facility.

Lap Band Surgery in Mexico - Gastric Banding Schematic

LAP-BAND Weight Loss Timeline

The Adjustable Gastric Band was once the go-to weight loss surgery. However, new medical advancements have produced better and more efficient methods for treating obesity.

Although the gastric band can promote weight loss and is relatively low risk, modern bariatric surgeries such as a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass have been proven to deliver more significant weight loss and overall longevity. Unfortunately, most lap-band patients have failed to lose weight and have had postoperative complications. Many of them return to undergo revision surgery.

Kelly Before and After Picture - Lap Band Surgery in Mexico

Is Gastric Band Right for Me?

Gastric banding surgery is colloquially known by brand names of the implants: Lap-Band System or REALIZE system. Both implants are very similar and use the same surgical method to induce weight loss – a restrictive technique.

With either type of gastric band, you need to be willing and able to make lifelong adjustments in diet, healthy habits, and physical activity/exercise. Healthy eating should begin before the pre-op diet. This helps you make sure you are ready to undergo bariatric surgery and committed. Without building a proper foundation to successfully lose weight, both the lap band and realize band has a higher chance of failure.


Starts at $5,995 $5,695*

What Does the Adjustable Band Package Include?

The price of AGB in the U.S. and Canada without insurance can easily set you back $12,000 to $15,000. Fortunately, we offer U.S. quality weight loss surgery in Mexico at a fraction of the cost. We eliminate all of the planning and preparation by taking care of everything from the moment you arrive in San Diego to the moment you depart. Ground transportation, hotel stay, and everything in between are covered in our all-inclusive package.

  • Private Ground Transportation
  • Accredited Hospital with ICU
  • Board Certified Surgeons
  • 24/7 Hospital Staff
  • Hospital Stay & Fees (3 nights)

  • Nutrition Program
  • Online Support Group

  • U.S. Surgeon Liaison

  • No Hidden Fees

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Costs and Pricing of Self-Pay Gastric Banding

Undergoing gastric banding surgery in Mexico can save patients $10,000. Expenses in the United States and Canada will typically range from $15,000 and up. Our costs are consistently below $5,500 and include all the costs associated with the surgery – including the hotel (excludes airfare, if needed). Learn about the cost of gastric banding if you have no insurance.

LAP-BAND® surgery in Tijuana, Mexico costs start at $5,695 at Mexico Bariatric Center which includes all the fees associated with the surgery – including hotel (excludes airfare, if needed)!

Gastric Banding Price from $5,695 - Mexico Bariatric Center

Do I Qualify for Lap Band in Mexico?

To be considered a candidate for gastric banding surgery, patients must meet or exceed a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30+. Patients at least 80 pounds overweight are considered good candidates for gastric banding surgery. Severely obese individuals with a BMI of 45+ are not qualified candidates and should consider gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery.

  • BMI between 30 and 45

  • Willing and able to frequent follow-ups

  • Strongly motivated to make huge lifestyle changes

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Pros and Cons of LAP-BAND

Lap band surgery requires a silicon band to constrict the upper part of the stomach, reducing hunger and cravings. This makes it a minimally invasive procedure that is typically done laparoscopically. It is performed on patients with a BMI of 30+ looking to kickstart their weight loss goals. Although it is a beneficial weight loss tool, AGB is a dated bariatric surgery compared to current procedures like the gastric sleeve.

Many of our surgeons do not recommend (nor perform), gastric banding surgery because of too many complications, and risks. Gastric Banding is, however, used to rescue other surgeries like failed RNY Gastric Bypass.

Mexico Bariatric Center® can help save you thousands of dollars on all-inclusive packages for Adjustable Banding surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Advantages of LAP-BAND

  • Gastric banding does not change the digestive tract
  • The band is adjustable, allowing your surgeon or physician to alter the tightness of the band
  • Gastric banding is reversible
  • Health Advantages can improve Asthma/Breathing Issues, Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, Headaches and Migraines, High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, Infertility and PCOS Syndrome, Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD, Cardiovascular Disease, Back Pain and Joint Pain

Disadvantages of LAP-BAND

  • Band Erosion
  • Band Slippage
  • Poor Weight Loss
  • Minor Side Effects: Body aches, feeling tired, feeling cold, dry skin, hair thinning and hair loss, mood changes[4]
  • Severe Side Effects: Pneumonia, Blood Clots, and Gallstones
  • Possible short-term complications: Bleeding, Leakage (rate of .8%[5])

  • Possible near-term complications: Stomach Obstruction, Stricture, or Abdominal Abscess

  • Possible long-term complications: Delayed Leak, Malnutrition

Duration and Recovery of Lap Band

The Adjustable Gastric Band is performed laparoscopically, and it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours from start to end. The operation takes about 30 min to 45 min, depending on the surgeon’s skills and experience. We keep lap band patients for two nights in the hospital instead of 1 night (industry average) to reduce complications.

* Prices are subject to change. Not valid on blackout dates. Prices depend on surgeon, surgery, additional fees, and schedule. Prices may rise because of BMI level and previous abdominal surgeries.

** All of the testimonials are covered in our disclaimers. Individuals results will vary; there is no guarantee stated nor implied.

Last Updated: January 28, 2020 by Ron Elli, Ph.D.