shrimp and vegetables, four bite satisfierHow many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll? Are you a cruncher; two bites and it’s gone or has you trained yourself to savor your food; making it last? When you make the choice to eat something you really want to savor the food and enjoy it. It is important to remember our taste buds are in our mouth. If you are swallowing the food before you barely feel it; it will take more food for you to get the sense of satisfaction you are looking for causing you to overeat.

With weight loss surgery, we all know that it is recommended that you eat protein at each meal. As time goes by after surgery, your portions may increase some but the original recommendation is four ounces of food. I encourage my clients to have three ounces of protein and then they can have one ounce of anything they want. Imagine having one ounce of anything you want.

I use an unusual technique called the four bite satisfier. This method will allow you to let go of the diet mentality of “I can’t have” to “I can have”. Food is not the enemy and is meant to be a part of our enjoyment. The next time you are craving something, instead of giving into the urge to emotionally eat think about it. Take a moment to really think about what you might enjoy.

Tell yourself you will have one ounce of whatever at your next meal using the four bite satisfier technique. Take a moment to really think about this. Imagine one of your favorite foods, a food that may be taboo to you. Close your eyes and imagine having it every day, day after day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Something you have every day a few times per day becomes not so unique.

The Four Bite Satisfier

strawberries and chocolate, four bite satisfier

  1. The first bite is to satisfy the craving.
  2. The second bite is to satisfy your taste buds. Remember to savor the taste, keep it in your mouth as long as you can.
  3. The third bite is to say goodbye.
  4. The fourth bite is to thank you.

Most of us crave foods that are either sweet or salty. To give you a visual of what one ounce is; six Hershey’s kisses or approximately fifteen potato chips represent one ounce. By being mindful, savoring the flavors you are craving and ending with a sense of gratitude you will be left with an uplifting feeling associated with your eating experience.

Because you have already eaten your three ounces of protein you have satisfied your hunger, and you can now actually focus on the craving you have for a particular food. By training yourself to go through this process you will learn how to eat foods you enjoy without overeating.

By incorporating the four bites satisfier technique, you are taking the power away from the food and taking control. I would love to hear from you! Put the four bite satisfier into practice at your next meal and share your experience.