Losing weight is critical for your long-term health. Study after study has confirmed that excess weight – especially for those with a BMI of over 40, most of whom are at least 100 pounds “overweight” – can drastically shorten lifespan, reduce the quality of life, and cause serious diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

But the benefits of weight loss on health are not the only benefits. Indeed, there are psychological benefits of weight loss, strength and physical benefits of weight loss, and – in some cases – strange and unusual benefits of weight loss that may not be the reason you are looking to lose weight, but may still be fun or interesting motivator.

Losing Weight Saves Gas

Cars are designed to hold a specific amount of weight. The more luggage and supplies you place inside a car, the harder the engine has to work in order to operate the car, and the worse your gas mileage gets.

It is said that every 100lbs of excess weight in the car decreases gas mileage by 1%. While the statistic was meant to relate to storage and people, losing 100lbs means that you will be improving the gas mileage of the vehicle by at least 1%, and saving the environment as well.

Your Armpits Will Have Less Odor

Sweat alone isn’t the only cause of unpleasant body odor after bariatric surgery. Indeed, everyone sweats almost everywhere on their body, and most places do not develop an odor. Underarm odor, however, is caused by bacteria that live where there is moisture. Since the armpits are more prone to moisture, they tend to develop more bacteria, causing more odor.

The underarm heats up quickly due to the way that the skin on the body touches, and the more you weigh, the more skin you tend to have. Losing weight can open up airspace under your arm which prevents bacteria and reduces the strength of unwanted odors.

Your Private Parts May Appear Larger or Smaller

There is a myth that weight loss increases the size of a man’s genitals, or shrinks the size of a woman’s. It is unfortunately not true. But what is true is that losing weight can affect the appearance of these intimate parts. Losing weight around the abdomen and thighs has been shown to make a man’s genitals appear larger, and losing weight at the mons pubis can make a woman’s genitals appear smaller.

Since there is ample evidence that losing weight can also improve sex life and libido, this is often a welcome change, even if the actual size of the genitalia remains the same.

You Could Make More Money

While it’s unlikely you’ll get an immediate promotion as soon as you lose weight, there is a great deal of evidence that those that struggle with weight tend to be given a lower salary. The bias isn’t always obvious, but it is there. Losing weight won’t bring the money back, but it may be more likely to reduce future discrimination in the workplace.

Since obese individuals are also likely to use more sick days than non-obese people, you may also be able to help the company more as well.

Lose Weight and Improve Health

Losing weight should always be about improving your health – both physical and mental. But there are some benefits of weight loss that you may not even expect. Find a way to fight obesity, and you may be surprised about the ways that your life becomes better.

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