A small sandwich shop turned into a global franchise, Subway is well-known for its guarantee of freshness and a vast array of healthy choices. With their build-your-own meal concept, Subway is ideal for gym-goers trying to meet protein goals or bariatric surgery patients meticulously tracking macros. In this article, you can find a meal planner, a list of bariatric-friendly menu options, and helpful tips to succeed on your weight loss journey in a world fueled by fast food.

Subway Food Pyramid Bariatric Friendly Subway Menu Mexico Bariatric Center

Subway Meal Planner

Use our Subway macronutrient calculator to plan your next meal.

Subway Bariatric-Friendly Menu

Subway Menu List Mexico Bariatric Center

To successfully lose weight, bariatric patients should track their macronutrient intake and calories. Ideally, a calorie allowance of 1,000-1,200 should be followed, leaving about 300-400 calories per meal. Like other fast-food joints, Subway offers large portions that can be split into multiple meals, making meal prep easier than ever. Down below, we have listed the best bariatric-friendly high-protein options to choose from.


Subway Salads Bariatric Friendly Subway Menu Mexico Bariatric Center

Salads are a versatile dish that can fulfill all your vegetable serving requirements in one meal. Full of different textures and flavors, Subway’s salads are a tasty low-carb, high-protein treasure. Nutrition values for salads include lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, and olives.

Subway MenuFatCarbsProteinSugar
Black Forest Ham (120 Cal)3g12g13g6g
Cold Cut Combo (160 Cal)9g10g12g5g
Grilled Chicken (130 Cal)3g10g19g5g
Oven Roasted Turkey (110 Cal)2g10g14g5g
Roast beef (150 Cal)4g12g17g6g
Rotisserie-Style Chicken (150 Cal)5g10g18g5g
Steak (Includes American Cheese) (210 Cal)9g12g22g6g
Veggie Delite (50 Cal)1g9g3g5g
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham (110 Cal)3g11g14g5g

Protein Bowls

Subway Protein Bowls Bariatric Friendly Subway Menu Mexico Bariatric Center

Subway’s protein bowls balance protein intake with other nutrients for a well-rounded meal helping you hit your dietary goals. Each bowl’s nutrition facts incorporate lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, and olives.

Subway MenuFatCarbsProteinSugar
Black Forest Ham (170 Cal)5g12g21g6g
Cold Cut Combo (260 Cal)16g9g20g5g
Grilled Chicken (200 Cal)4g9g35g5g
Oven Roasted Turkey (150 Cal)3g8g25g5g
Roast beef (230 Cal)7g12g30g7g
Rotisserie-Style Chicken (220 Cal)8g8g31g4g
Steak (Includes American Cheese) (380 Cal)19g12g42g5g


Subway Sides Bariatric Friendly Subway Menu Mexico Bariatric Center

Although you can’t indulge in a signature bag of chips with your meal, there are some other lower-calorie side options to choose from.

Subway MenuFatCarbsProteinSugar
Applesauce (70 Cal)0g16g0g13g
Beef Chili with Beans (360 Cal)22g21g21g6g
Broccoli Cheddar (200 Cal)13g16g9g7g
Chicken Noodle (70 Cal)3g6g7g1g
Loaded Baked Potato with Bacon (200 Cal)14g17g9g4g

Basic Precautions for Subway

  1. Avoid High-Fat Dressings/Sauces: Adding dressings and sauces for flavor can be tempting, but doing so can quickly pack on calories to your meal. Instead, check out our condiments after bariatric surgery guide to help you find sauces that won’t stall your weight loss.
  2. Load up on Toppings: Adding Subway’s fresh veggies is an easy way to make your meal more filling without putting your daily calorie allowance at risk.
  3. Avoid Sugary Beverages: Sugary drinks can cause dumping syndrome because of their high-sugar content and can increase your caloric intake.
  4. Don’t Drink from a Straw: Using a straw will introduce extra air into your new stomach pouch, causing gas pain and discomfort.
  5. Avoid Overeating: Subway’s large portions can be saved to get multiple meals out of one purchase. Meals should be no more than 4-6 ounces. Overeating can stretch out your stomach pouch and leave you with digestive issues.

Simple modifications like this allow you to enjoy delicious meals from Subway while staying on track with your weight loss goals.

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