Having a Support System

When going through a major life-changing experience, like bariatric surgery, having a support system can be a huge benefit to stand by your side. For many, asking for friends or family support might seem like a frightening ordeal, and there may be some cases in which support from the family is out of the question. Regardless of who your support system is, having someone who has your back is a great feeling. We always suggest that a support system is one of the most crucial parts of post-op for bariatric surgery patients.

Sometimes, simply asking for help is the easiest way to have a support system back you up. Most people in the world will go out of their way to help someone in need, and family is no exception to that.

Types of Support Systems After Bariatric Surgery

1. Potential Family Opportunities

Not only can getting the family involved help to gain a sense of value and appreciation, but it can also serve as an opportunity for positive change in lifestyle for everyone.

By involving family members in the process, you provide them with the chance to learn more about bariatric surgery and develop a better understanding of just how it works.

In some cases, another family member may be so impressed that they decide to undergo surgery along with you.

friends and family support system after bariatric surgery

A clinical study at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey shows that siblings who undergo bariatric surgery together lose 30% more weight than those who go it alone. The study also showed that siblings can lose 40% more weight than the usual patient.

Another benefit of getting the family involved is that it can raise awareness of beneficial lifestyle changes. Even if bariatric surgery isn’t an option for the family, adopting healthy lifestyle habits and becoming more active together can be a great option.

2. Friends By Your Side

Having friends as part of your support system or even a partner to go through the process is also extremely helpful for past patients. Friends can be a great addition to your support as they will help keep you on track and accountable. Weight loss surgery is not something you need to hide or be embarrassed about. You would be surprised how much support you can find the right friends!

3. Online Support Group

If you still want to seek out additional support and you desire to have a community you can go to at times of need, a support group can be a great option as well. Here at Mexico Bariatric Center, we have a closed group on Facebook for those who undergo bariatric surgery with our company. Support groups such as this can serve as a great place to make new friends, get answers to questions you may have, as well as share your progress after surgery through before and after photos.

How to Interact With Your Support System

friends support system, woman doing dumbbell bench pressWhen having a support system involved in your weight loss surgery journey, it can be wise to specify just how you’d like them to help. Having your support system hold you accountable for cheating on your pre-op or post-op diet, provide motivation to be active, or to help you vent about emotional struggles you have over time can make a tremendous difference.

You can even get certain family members to join in on some healthy lifestyle habits. Perhaps you have a cousin who goes to the gym and could use a workout partner. Maybe you have a sister who loves to make healthy substitutes for meals.

When you specify ways in which your family members can help you, the guesswork is removed and it creates new ways in which you can bond.

Former Bariatric Patients, Share Your Experience

Weight loss surgery forums are also a great way to interact with members of the community. If you underwent bariatric surgery and want to share about the support you received from your family and overall lifestyle change you made together, please do so in the comments below!

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