Weight loss surgery has many positive effects on people. There are so many health benefits, like remission of type 2 diabetes. Patients will also have more energy, be more mobile, and enjoy an active life. Bariatric surgery helps improve people’s mood and self-confidence.

The support after weight loss surgery, such as family & friends and support groups, is extremely important. The patient needs to find ways to cope with stress and strong feelings, as well as food addiction.

Changes in life can cause stress and emotional issues. There needs to be an adjustment to their lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise. If the patient is used to stress eating and had an unhealthy relationship with food before surgery, they may become gambling, drinking, shopping, and smoking problems afterward.

Support Resources and Programs

Mexico Bariatric Center® understands the challenges associated with bariatric surgery. We have various ways to meet patients’ needs before and after the procedure, such as pre-op/post-op nutritional support, webinars, after-care support with our surgeon liaison, and a closed Facebook support group.

1. Facebook Support Group

We have one of the most active support groups with over 10,000 past patients. Completely immersive, caring, and truly supportive Facebook Group that beats any weight loss surgery forums. Once you book your surgery and pay your deposit, you can join our private Mexico Bariatric Center Support page. For direct support from past patients and our staff, take advantage of our Facebook group. Learn More

Join the Mexico Bariatric Center Facebook Support Group - Support After Weight Loss Surgery

2. Specialized Bariatric Vitamins

It is safe to say that bariatric vitamins are essential to post-op health and long-term success. We developed a specialized line of vitamins for our patients, known as Emerge BariatricsLearn More

3. Monthly Live Webinars

Want to meet our surgeons before making the decision to choose MBC? We have FREE monthly webinars introducing the founder Ron Elli, Ph.D., and feature one the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico! You can ask questions that are answered live to learn about the process and what to expect. Participants will also be entered into a raffle for $2,000 OFF* the surgery package picked at the end of the webinar. Learn More

4. Pre-Op/Post-Op Webinars

Webinars and live chats are the best communication methods to avoid the Coronavirus crisis. If you want to learn how long you’ll need to be on the pre-op diet, join our next webinar. Hosted by our nutritionist, these webinars are very informative and helpful in preparing you for the weight loss trip to Mexico. It is all about building healthier habits and staying active. Learn More

5. Schedule a Meeting with Past Patient

Our affiliates, made of our past patients, are out there at every step of the process to accompany you in your journey. Mexico Bariatric Center has thousands of weight loss surgery success stories and dozens of past patients willing and eager to connect with you. Learn More

6. Personalized Care Plan

Our package is focused completely on the needs of our patients. Everyone is unique, so our support extends with individualized care plans. Mexico Bariatric Center provides personalized pre-op dietary guidelines, hospital care, recovery, aftercare support, and post-op nutrition plan for every single patient. Learn More

7. Dedicated Patient Care Coordinator

Our amazing coordination team, some of which have undergone bariatric surgery themselves, will lead you throughout the whole journey supporting with every step of the way. Learn More

8. Pre-Op + Post-Op Nutrition Program

It is often that before and after weight loss surgery, you are on your own and completely lost. To prevent that, our package offers care during the procedure, a full-on pre-op guide, and lifetime post-op care. Learn More


MBC offers a 24/7 surgical team and nursing staff (in Mexico). It is very important to have medical support around you right after the operation, as your organism is vulnerable. We do have staff working around the clock to be able to support you in any situation.

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