Paul won the Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico from our Seattle, WA Seminar. Listen to his testimonial as he describes his experience with Mexico Bariatric Center®. Paul is an incredible testament to the human spirit – during his win, Paul donated money from his own pocket to a person who was in need of surgery but lacks funds.

Choosing Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

View the Touching Gastric Sleeve Story of Paul

Paul was interested in the surgery when a family member who underwent bariatric surgery lost over 100 pounds. After the constant photos, Paul was much more interested in coming to Mexico to have the surgery. After researching his options, he landed at Mexico Bariatric Center and discovered our events.

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Paul’s Gastric Sleeve Story

My name is Paul Moses and I just recently had my surgery down here on January 5th down here in Tijuana at the Mexico Bariatric Center, and I was very lucky to be the winner when I went to the Seattle seminar. I totally recommend this experience.
Ron Elli, Ph.D., with Dr. Gutierrez, Flora (cosmetics) and former patient, Paul - - Mexico Bariatric Center - Portland, OR Bariatric Surgery Seminar
Early in my stage right now, I feel great. Just a couple of days after surgery, I’ve actually had people tell me, that I don’t even look like I’ve had surgery.

One of the things that were asked many times before, was “Are you a little nervous coming down to Mexico to have the surgery?’ I cannot deny it, that I was not. But once you get down here, from being picked up from the airport all the way through, the experience is absolutely great. I mean its staff are awesome.

There is not one bad experience you’re gonna have. As you go, everything is explained to you. So it is not like you’re in the dark. All of it is pretty well laid out, planned out. I would do this, this is one of the things I asked many people before I went down here before I made this decision.

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Would You Do it Again?

I could gladly say 100% of the people would do it again. Not necessarily in the US, but down here because of their experience. I was going to Seattle just to gain more knowledge at the seminar. Like I said, I was lucky enough to be the one was chosen by MBC through the random draw.

Friends that I have met coming down here from all over the United States we have actually had some people from Canada. You will not regret coming down here to do this. It’s a great experience.

Video of Paul Winning a Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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