Premium Hospital Facilities in Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center specializes in helping you get the safest and most affordable bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. We utilize full-service, well-equipped facilities with safety standards and patient care that is equal to (or even exceeds) the United States. Our primary surgical center is Hospital Mi Doctor.

Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana Mexico - Mexico Bariatric Surgical Center

Hospital Mi Doctor

Mexico Bariatric Center Surgical Facilities in Hospital Mi Doctor is one of the most reliable with the best patient outcome bariatric centers in Mexico. MBC has been partnering with mi doctor since 2012 to provide safe and affordable bariatric and metabolic surgery in Tijuana. Mexico Bariatric Center surgical team and patient advocates are working alongside mi doctor hospital physicians and staff seamlessly.

Our staff at the hospital (Karla, Aneli, and Henry) are attentive, caring, and speak good English. Hospital Mi Doctor has been exclusively serving bariatric weight loss patients since 2010 and is considered one of the best weight loss surgery centers in Mexico.

Hospital Mi Doctor Sideview
Blue Medical Tower

Blue Medical Tower

Blue Medical Tower is a medical facility that offers services ranging from pharmacies, cafeterias to laboratories. They are committed to offering the highest quality patient care and services for every individual. The center has well-trained and highly experienced surgeons from many departments, they are equipped to handle the most challenging and difficult medical procedures in bariatric and plastics.

Just 2 minutes from Garita de San Ysidro and the United States, this hospital is very high-tech and always up-to-date with its medical technologies. On average they have about 70,000 people signing up for their facilities. Their mission is to offer patients the best experience possible with high-quality medical procedures and low cost. Blue Medical Tower always puts their patient’s safety as their number #1 priority.

Centro Medico del Rio

Another facility we use is the new Rio Medico Hospital in Tijuana. This immaculate medical center was built in 2019 and is a few blocks from the San Diego (San Ysidro) border crossing. MBC utilizes the facility for pre-op CT scans as well as bariatric and plastic operations – just down the street from Hospital Mi Doctor.

Rio Medica is fully stocked with the top-quality amenities, medical equipment, and precision technology that make it a supreme hospital. Mexico Bariatric Center accommodates each patient independently according to their health application and their doctor’s load management.

We are fully vested in our patients and utilize modern destinations for the highest level of bariatric and metabolic surgery possible.

Rio Medica Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

Florence Hospital – Tijuana

Florence Hospital used to be located within Oasis Hospital in Playas, Tijuana. Florance moved its surgery center close to downtown Tijuana. Oasis Hospital is a full-service hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.