Undergoing Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana allows patients and their companions different tourist activities. Here is the list of things to do while in Tijuana, whether you are a regular tourist or a medical tourist,

14 Tijuana Attractions

1. Revolucion Avenue

Take a walk on the famous Avenida Revolucion and enjoy the colors of one of the most famous places in the city. Admire and maybe buy some of the vast selection of curios from all parts of Mexico, from the fine Talavera pottery produced in Puebla and the excellent wood carvings from Oaxaca to the locally produced stained glass, leather products, or paper mache figures.
Avenida_Revolucion - Tijuana Mexico

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2. Zonkeys-Zebras

Take a picture with one of Tijuana’s most famous icons, the zebra-donkey – a zebra-striped donkey (fake zebra stripes). The tradition goes back more than 70 years, and the souvenir picture will forever preserve that particular moment when you were at the most visited border in the whole world – Tijuana.

tijuana zebra donkey

3. Caesar’s Salad

Enjoy the flavors of a delicious Caesar salad, and what better place to eat it than the very restaurant where it was created more than 50 years ago! Go to the recently restored Caesar’s Restaurant on Revolucion Avenue and taste history. It is an outstanding place, one the best restaurants in the Baja; Caesar’s salad is prepared at your table and is delicious.

hotel caesar salad tijuana

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4. Cecut, Tijuana Cultural Center

Imagine you are in the middle of the action as you watch a movie at the IMAX Theater, take a walk through prehispanic Mexico in the Jardin Caracol, or hop onto a ship. At the same time, you learn about the beginnings of Baja California. Make learning fun and live unforgettable moments at Cecut, the most important cultural center in the Northwest of Mexico.

Dome IMAX Centro-Cultural Tijuana

5. Tijuana Wax Museum

The Tijuana Wax Museum (Museo de Cera de Tijuana) contains more than 86 replicas of historical and artistic figures as well as movie and television personalities and, of course, the traditional house of horror. You can admire the wax figures/faces of many celebrities like John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Emiliano Zapata, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson, and many more.

tijuana wax museum

6. The Border Fence

Take a picture at the corner of the world: the wall is not one continuous structure and is actually a grouping of short physical walls that stop and start, secured in between with a “virtual fence” that includes a system of sensors and cameras monitored by Border Patrol Agents at the border of the USA and Mexico, located in Playas de Tijuana. Afterward, you can take a stroll on the pier and eat some seafood cocktails or enjoy a coconut.

San Diego US - Tijuana Mexico - border

7. Caliente Casino Hipodromo and Racetrack

Live the rush and adrenaline as you play poker, bingo, or gamble at an exciting dog race – all this at the famous Hipodromo Caliente. Just behind the casino, you can take a look at the Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, commonly referred to as Xolos de Tijuana, the Mexican Football team.
caliente casino tijuana

8. Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

This is Tijuana’s “old” cathedral, soon to be replaced by a new building, the New Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe (under construction), some distance away. It is in the Spanish Renaissance style, with an impressive crystal chandelier, a lantern dome with some lovely stained glass, and a high-arched sanctuary.

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

9. The Tijuana Municipal Institute for Arts and Culture

The Tijuana Municipal Institute for Arts and Culture is the institution that groups government and society to encourage the conception and development of the traditional practices of Mexicans. This organization positions Tijuana as a hub of artistic and cultural development through the institute’s infrastructure and helpful services.

Tijuana Municipal Institute for Arts and Culture

10. Tijuana Brewery

Enjoy the unique flavor of the different kinds of 100% craft beer; the best part is that you can have it in a traditional brewery pub environment, “Taberna TJ.”

11. Baja Med Food

Taste the real flavors of the Baja with Baja Med food, which turns out to be the only cuisine in the world that puts together the best products of the region and the flavors and knowledge of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine in Baja California.

12. L.A. Cetto Winery and Wine Boutique

Get a sip of the delicious red, white, or rose wines from L.A. Cetto, one of the best wineries in Mexico. Apart from being exquisite, this winery is recognized worldwide. You can find different types of regional wines in the L.A. Cetto boutique.

13. Festivals

Experience unique and traditional events like the Paella and Wine Festival, Opera en la Calle (Opera on the streets), Entijuanarte, Tequila Expo, etc., that, year after year, offer an experience in folklore and music.

14. El Trompo Museum

Take a trip to the Trompo Museum, where you will become the central character in one of their many scientific and technological interactive playrooms.