Are you wondering how safe it is to go under the knife in Mexico? Which facilitator company to choose to give you a sense of security?

Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) is a clear choice for so many reasons. But honestly, the most significant difference between MBC and our competitors is transparency, compassion, reputation, and patient safety.

We asked 2,000 of our past patients why they chose Mexico Bariatric Center. Here is what they said!

1. Reputation

Reputation - Top 4 Reasons Why Patients Choose Mexico Bariatric Center

Mexico Bariatric Center has a reputation for being trustworthy, transparent, and following medical standards comparable to the United States in order to reduce complications and increase success.

For what it’s worth, we give our patients one option: trusted, top-ranked, and highly qualified bariatric surgeons. Our surgeons perform the entire surgery themselves with highly experienced staff only. As much as we brag, we couldn’t be happier (and neither could you) to have the surgeons we have on our team providing your weight loss surgery.

No shortcuts are taken with our surgeon’s expertise, certification, degrees, and programs, which results in a lower complication rate.

2. Reviews

Reviews - Top 4 Reasons Why Patients Choose Mexico Bariatric Center

Positive patient outcomes are our number one priority. In this case, safety and success are paramount. We ask our patients to be completely open and honest when leaving us a review. Any bad reviews give MBC a chance to work harder and allow us to improve any processes and procedures set in place.

We are completely transparent with our patients. We use compassionate patient coordinators who are honest, compassionate, and truly care for each individual patient.

We create lifelong relationships with every single patient and care about their success in life. Most of our patients stay in contact with us for years after gastric sleeve surgery to check in and tell us how great they are doing!

3. Price

Price - Top 4 Reasons Why Patients Choose Mexico Bariatric Center

Our pricing packages are extremely competitive compared to Mexico’s weight loss surgery packages. We like to think of our packages as the most cost-effective option available. In other words, we offer the highest quality bariatric procedures for the lowest possible price.

With all the fixed costs related to surgical procedures, anything cheaper than our prices is probably not the safest route, as those with cheaper prices may be substituting important equipment, staffing, standards, or medical expertise.

Here at Mexico Bariatric Center, we promise that our price cannot be beaten for the expertise and standards our surgeons and staff hold.

4. Safety

Safety - Top 4 Reasons Why Patients Choose Mexico Bariatric Center

Safety and success rates are key variables that are the centerpiece of the Mexico Bariatric Center. Using top-tier equipment, certified hospital facilities, top surgeon expertise, and integrity-driven staff eliminates as many potential risks and complications as competitors overlook.

This is a serious operation, and you need to understand that your life is literally in the hands of the company you select. It’s not worth a few hundred dollars just to pick the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery. There is a reason the cost is low, and even though you save money, you are putting your life at risk.

Final Words

Mexico Bariatric Center® has streamlined the process of traveling to Mexico to receive life-changing bariatric surgery removing unnecessary stress and uncertainty.

If you are ready to make the leap, call us today!

Mexico Bariatric Center is your connection to a healthier you!