After sending our patients for bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico such as gastric sleeve they have so many great questions for us. So to better help with the post-op process we’ve decided to provide a top gastric sleeve books list. The books in this list cover everything from the emotional journey to the bariatric post-op diet. These books do not appear in any particular ranked order; all are great learning resources.  As of October 11th, 2016 all of these books are available on for purchase in multiple formats. So without further delay, let’s get started.

1. The Sleeved Life, Written by Pennie Nicola

The author of this book, Pennie Nicola, in fact, lost over 100 pounds after undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Her goal with this book was to help potential patients learn more about the procedure. Utilizing both her personal experience and recent research, Pennie answers many questions that one who is considering gastric sleeve surgery may have. Issues such as, “Does hunger come back?”, “What does a typical diet look like?”, And much more. This book holds strong with great customer reviews and is available as a print or on Kindle.

2. Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success, Written by Dr. Duc C. Vuong
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Written by Dr. Duc Vuong, this book serves as an easy-to-understand resource from a medical expert.  In this book, he covers topics such as the technical side of the gastric sleeve, weight loss plateaus, social eating, long-term follow-up requirements, how to know when to stop eating, and much much more. For patients who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico with our company, or anyplace in the world, this is a great read. This book is available in multiple formats such as print, Kindle, and Audible as well and has rave reviews.

3. The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion, Written by Tanie Miller Kabala Ph.D

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana with our specialized staff, many patients have a hard time coping with the changes and the stress. Many who have struggled with emotional eating and other issues may have a hard time adjusting to the new lifestyle that this tool requires. This book serves as a great resource to those who need coping techniques that they can utilize in their daily life to get the best out of their gastric sleeve surgery. Readers of this book will walk away with not only coping skills for the post-op surgery process but skills to last a lifetime. This book can also be found in multiple formats such as print and Kindle.

4. Gastric Sleeve Diet, Written by Monika Shah

While this book does primarily cover the gastric sleeve diet, it also covers other topics regarding gastric sleeve surgery. Covering the surgery itself alongside various other types of operations, procedures involved, getting ready for surgery, as well as maintenance and care. The book also covers the emotional side of things about undergoing gastric sleeve and the post-op experience. This book is also available in formats such as print and Kindle.

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5. Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies, Written by Brian K. Davidson

The “For Dummies” book series is a great resource for a broad array of topics. This book offers some simple, helpful meals to help conform to post-op weight loss surgery diet. This is a great resource for somebody who likes to have an excellent cookbook to refer to now and then. This book is also available in print and Kindle.

Are there any books that we did not cover on this list that you think we should have mentioned?

Do you have any comments or questions regarding these books we did list?