Shopping for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico - Why Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery in Mexico is growing as the demand increases and the health standards in Mexico continuously rise. Bariatric surgery has gained popularity in recent years as a proven way to achieve long-term weight loss.

Procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery not only help get rid of obesity but also are a proven remedy to problems associated with it; such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and some forms of cancer.

Why Consider Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery?

A huge contributing factor to the rise in people seeking bariatric surgery in Mexico is because of:

Insurance Coverage: Checking with your insurance provider is usually one of the first steps to getting weight loss surgery in the U.S. Most major insurance providers DO offer coverage for bariatric surgery, although getting accepted is often the issue. Even if you follow all the qualifications and requirements, it still takes time to finalize the process.

Cost-Effective: Even with insurance coverage, the cost of co-pays and deductibles are expensive in the United States.

Wait Times: Waiting to be accepted for weight loss surgery is extremely difficult to deal with. The feeling of “not being in control” while one of the biggest life-changing moments is so close, yet so far. Wait times are even more overwhelming in Canada, where weight loss surgery is only provided in a timely fashion if it is absolutely vital for the patient, meaning they are at a point of obesity where it is critical to surviving.

Quality Comparison: The quality of weight loss surgery in Mexico is very comparable in regards to the quality, standards, safety, and surgeon experience in the United States. However, choosing the right bariatric center in Mexico is a balance between price, quality, and success rate.

The Most Important Question: Is Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Safe?

Yes, traveling to Mexico is safe for weight loss surgery and is continuously progressing in health standards and medical expertise. Despite many peoples beliefs, Mexico has steadily risen to a very safe community. Like anywhere else, there are parts of Mexico with lower crime rates and other parts with higher.

As long as you take the proper precautions, considerations, and diligently research your bariatric surgery options, you will find a trusted bariatric center with a low complication rate and top-tier safety record.

There are two different “patient processes” that just about every patient follows. You are either shopping for the best price or the best surgeon. The problem generally lies in those looking for the lowest price that they can find.

To reduce risk, make an informed decision based on diligent research and by asking specific, direct questions.

Hospital or Facility – It Makes a BIG Difference

Hospitals are the best option to better ensure safety and to reduce overall risk or complications occurring from bariatric procedures. The difference between hospitals vs facilities is mainly the equipment, intensive care unit, emergency room, additional staff, doctors, surgeons if needed, and the overall preparation and standards that hospitals offer over facilities.

A facility is usually used to cut costs for providers of bariatric surgery in Mexico. It is basically a clinic solely used to perform the procedure. Most facilities use a separate building for patients to recover, called a “recovery center”. The main disadvantage of weight loss surgery in a facility is in the event of an emergency, complication, or incident that requires immediate urgent care is not likely achievable at a facility.

The risk of death from bariatric surgery is extremely rare, although hospitals have the proper resources for any emergency while also keeping patients for recovery and post-op tests.

Costs Included and Unforeseen “Hidden” Costs

A very important question to ask is “What are any possible costs that I have to pay or may end up having to pay?” This is vital to finding bariatric surgery in Mexico because it alleviates the risk of unforeseen or hidden cost to come up later on.  If you simply ask, “What is included?”, it is easier for bariatric providers to leave out or forget to mention important costs.

Ask Questions When You Call

First of all, not all research has to be done strictly online. When searching for the right bariatric surgical center, always call and ask them about all of their listed procedures. Do not be afraid to ask questions. When undergoing a life-changing procedure such as gastric sleeve surgery, you want to look out for your best interest and your ideal outcome. Therefore, become knowledgeable in what each bariatric company has to offer. In doing so, you improve your chances of a quality experience with the best results, that you won’t regret.

Find a Trusted Bariatric Surgery Center in Mexico

The medical tourism industry has become an extremely viable option for people without adequate insurance or coverage. Hence, going across the border to Tijuana, Mexico for low-cost health care is the best affordable alternative.

If you are looking to get a life-changing weight loss procedure, you will either save thousands or avoid an extensive wait time by choosing Tijuana, Mexico. Tijuana, Mexico is an increasingly popular destination for bariatric surgery as well. In order to find high-quality, safe, and trusted bariatric surgery in Mexico, you should go through a facilitating company.

Remember – Is the company that you are looking at for weight loss surgery simply a name, website, or PO box? Or is it a REAL bariatric company with REAL results? These are the questions you need to ask when searching for a trusted bariatric surgery center.

Facilitator Review for Trusted Bariatric Surgery

1. Facilitator Company – Research the company:

Make sure they are not a fly-by-night, one-man shop company. Any Internet marketer can set up a website with no infrastructure behind it.

  • Are they a U.S. based corporation?
  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Do they have any affiliations or certifications (BBB, MTA, etc.)?
  • Do they have positive reviews online?
  • Do they have real before/after pictures of patients’ success?
  • Are they transparent with social media channels?

All-Inclusive Package Bariatric Surgery

2. All-Inclusive Package – Look for all-inclusive packages that include:

  • At least 2 nights in a hotel
  • Surgical Fees
  • A hospital stay of at least 1 night for Gastric Balloon, 2 nights for Gastric Sleeve, and 3 nights for Gastric Bypass, Mini Bypass, and Duodenal Switch.
  • Provides both Pre-op and Post-op tests
  • Medications included
  • In-bound, in town, and outbound private transportation

Transparent Pricing for Bariatric Surgery

3. Transparent Pricing

  • Make sure the advertised price has no hidden fees
  • Is the bariatric surgery price reflect an all-inclusive package?
  • Does the package allow for enough stay in a high-quality hospital & hotel (2 nights in hotel and 2 to 3 nights in hospital)?
  • Does the package include bringing a companion at no charge?

In general, it is recommended that you avoid low advertised prices that seem too good to be true.

Patient Coordinators to Walk You Through Bariatric Surgery

4. Patient Coordinators

  • Look for bariatric surgical centers with dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring patient coordinators to guide you along your journey. They are the ones to be available at all times to walk you through the entire process.
  • Are they full-time employees dedicated to your success?
  • What is the patient satisfaction rate?
  • This person can make the difference in your overall experience and success.

Surgical Team Qualifications for Bariatric Surgery

5. Surgical Team – Research the bariatric surgeon(s):

  • Their board-certifications, skills, track record, experience, and proven outcomes.
  • It is preferable to deal with a bariatric surgery center with multiple surgeons capable of doing all bariatric surgery procedures, including hard-to-do surgical procedures and revisions.
  • Be aware of start-up companies that use an inexperienced surgeon who had just worked as an assistant surgeon.
  • How many surgeries do the surgical team perform each day for your safety, results, and outcome keeping the quality of care in mind?
  • Is the SURGERY performed completely FROM START TO FINISH (not a ghost surgeon)? There are famous doctors heavily marketed that are just a name and do not perform the surgeries themselves.
  • Instrumentation and equipment they use. Make sure they use brand-name, certified devices for surgery.
  • Make sure the surgical team and bariatric surgeon are both qualified and experienced, especially the anesthesiologist.
  • Look at the complication rate of the surgeon, surgical staff, and the bariatric surgery center as a whole. The published complication rate is about 2.8% to 4.5% in the U.S. However, the closer to zero it is, the more desirable option.
  • It is crucial for the surgeon to be able to communicate with the patient and that they are fluent in English.

Certified Hospital For Bariatric Surgery

6. Hospital

  • Is the surgery performed at a certified hospital (not a surgery center or facility)?
  • Is the hospital specialized in bariatric surgery – using a dedicated bariatric hospital lowers the risk and complication rate, and usually has a better outcome?
  • Does the hospital have an Intensive Care Unit or an ICU?

After-Care and Dietitian After Bariatric Surgery

7. After-Care & Dietitian

  • Pre-operative diet support with a specialized nutritionist.
  • Post-operative support with nutritionist and dietitian.
  • After-care support with nutritionist, dietitian, and surgeon liaison.
  • Access to a closed Facebook support group with thousands of active members.
  • Nutritional webinars.

Surgeon Liaison for Bariatric Surgery

8. Surgeon Liaison

  • Do you have a person medically-informed to talk to if you have a question before or after bariatric surgery?

Mexico Bariatric Center, Leader of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

At Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC), every procedure we offer is listed at an affordable price as part of an all-inclusive package. We have been in business since 2012 and are fully staffed with the qualified specialists to help our patients from start to finish. Our pricing is transparent, our bariatric surgeons are certified professionals, and our customer service is unparalleled to any other bariatric medical tourism facilitator.

Ultimately, the purpose of providing this information is to enable anyone interested in bariatric surgery make the right decision. As a result, we hope that this proves useful in your journey to weight loss success!

Paid Advertisement vs Organic for Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Medical tourism is a young, growing industry with little to no regulation. Most of the patients search online for weight loss procedures. Google allows anyone to pay to get their name listed on top of the page results when you look for bariatric procedures or obesity treatment services. Therefore, many internet savvy people take advantage of this situation by putting up a copycat website and pretending that they are a medical tourism company.

They have no back end, coordination, or organization. Consequently, the surgeon they use is often an assistant surgeon with little to no experience. Often, offering extremely low price because of no overhead costs. These individuals are in it to make a quick profit. As a result, they usually do not last more than a year, sometimes scamming patients.

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

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