Weight loss surgery in Mexico is an attractive option for couples looking for rapid and sustainable weight loss together. Mexico Bariatric Center® has been at the forefront of offering affordable and reliable all-inclusive WLS packages for couples since 2012. Let’s hear the husband and wife share their weight loss surgery journey experience.

Husband and Wife Story

Hello, my name is Dwayne and I’m a dad, husband, and grandfather. I’m 51 years old and when my wife and I saw our first grandchild, we realized we needed to change our lives if we were going to see our grandchildren graduate or get married. Going to Mexico Bariatric Center was the best decision we ever made. My wife and I took this weight loss journey together. We went in simultaneously and had our surgeries on the same day. We always looked at bariatric surgery as a tool and not a solution. Changing our lifestyle was the long-term solution. The surgery has helped us change our lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise. The fast weight loss motivated us to be in the gym every day of the week.

Our Experience in Mexico

When I started researching the best place to go for weight loss surgery, I looked for past patients’ reviews, and my wife went on Facebook. As someone who had undergone multiple surgeries in the United States, I was initially skeptical about seeking medical treatment abroad. However, the exceptional care and service I received in Mexico surpassed all my expectations.

From the moment I arrived in Mexico, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality. The medical staff and professionals were not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also incredibly compassionate and attentive. They took the time to thoroughly explain the procedures, ensuring that I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. We’re grateful for the opportunity and it truly was a great experience for both of us. These are my weight loss results:

Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Date: June 2021
Surgeon: Miguel Montalvo, M.D.
Starting Weight: 295 lbs
Current Weight: 198 lbs
Goal Weight: 200 lbs


Couples Patient Testimonial Mexico Bariatric Center

Our Life After Surgery

Life after surgery has been amazing. It was a little tough at first. After all, food is an addiction, like many other things. When food is an addiction, life seems to revolve around it. Every decision or plan involves food. Food for us now is for survival and not part of our entertainment. The money we save goes towards our travel and not towards fancy food. We still enjoy dining, but it’s no longer our only driving force for happiness. Having the energy and confidence to travel and be seen is our driving force now. Thank you, MBC staff and Dr. Montalvo for helping us view life differently and make healthy changes!

Couples Sleeve Testimonial Mexico Bariatric Center

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