Weight Loss Surgery Costs in Mexico

Are you uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for weight loss surgery? You have come to the right place for a trusted, low-cost weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Mexico Bariatric Center® provides quality and affordable all-inclusive out-the-door Mexico bariatric surgery packages. MBC has been negotiating prices for weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico without ever compromising the medical services.

The combination of accredited hospital facilities, qualified & Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeons offer services comparable to the same standard of care you find in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Bariatric Surgery Cost in Mexico vs Other Countries

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing industry – hospitals and doctors in countries like Mexico are geared to offer excellent healthcare at affordable prices. Tijuana, Mexico is so close to the U.S. border and is becoming a major hub for bariatrics as well as plastics. Patients crossing the border to seek surgical treatment can avoid long waits and save money, about 50% to 70%.

Medical Travellers need to do their research and make sure the facility they are choosing has all the right combinations as most bariatric providers do not offer the same level of service. Check out the 8 factors to consider when shopping for bariatric surgery in Mexico!

+ Estimates of the average cost of weight loss surgery for the most common bariatric procedures based on Geographical Location.

Costa Rica$10,000$13,000
United States$19,000$25,000

How Much is Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

Mexico Bariatric Center offers up to 70% discount for all-inclusive Mexico weight loss surgery packages, such as Gastric Sleeve, RNY gastric bypass, Lap-Band, Duodenal Switch, Gatric Balloon and Revisional Surgeries – which covers EVERYTHING besides your flight.

Our flat rate covers ground transport to and from San Diego, your pre-operative lab work, physical, pre-operative one hotel night, your hospital stay (two / three nights), post-op x-ray, one night of a post-operative hotel (w/ physician visit), tour of Tijuana, post-surgery medications, nutritionist, and support group. All packages include everything except your airfare.

Gastric Balloon

  • Hospital + Hotel Fees
  • Transportation
  • Aftercare Support
  • Bring a Companion

Gastric Sleeve

  • Hospital + Hotel Fees
  • Transportation
  • Aftercare Support
  • Bring a Companion

Gastric Bypass

  • Hospital + Hotel Fees
  • Transportation
  • Aftercare Support
  • Bring a Companion

Duodenal Switch

  • Hospital + Hotel Fees
  • Transportation
  • Aftercare Support
  • Bring a Companion

*Prices are subject to change. Prices range based on the surgeon you choose and your health history.

Our All-Inclusive Out-the-Door Packages

Here is a list of some of what we provide with our inexpensive surgery packages;

  • Pre-Operatory Tests and Evaluation

  • Airport / Hotel / Hospital Transportation
  • Hospital Fees
  • Surgeons Fees
  • Anesthesiologist Fees
  • Guided Tour of Tijuana

  • Phone to Call the U.S. at No Charge

  • Antibiotics and Pain Medicine
  • Surgeon Liasion

  • 2 or 3 Nights at Hospital
  • 2 Nights, Pre-Op/Post-Op at Hotel

  • Companion at No Charge

  • WI-FI in Hospital and Hotel

  • Aftercare/Nutrition Support

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Reasons Why it is Possible to Receive Equal or Better Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico for so Much Less Money:

  • Lower cost of living results in lower salaries for surgeons as well as staff (cost of living in Mexico 77 comparing to New York 100)
  • High value of American Dollar against Mexican Pesos
  • Medical Tourism hospitals and doctors offering specialized services, such as bariatrics, in higher volume that results in lower expenses and prices
  • Malpractice insurance costs are significantly lower in Mexico as patients are not encouraged to file a lawsuit
  • The administrative and paperwork requirements are much lower in Mexico
  • Stiff competition in Mexico medical tourism companies offering bariatric surgeries

Why Choose Mexico Bariatric Center for Self-Pay

If you do not have insurance coverage and cannot afford to undergo weight loss surgery, then don’t worry. Mexico Bariatric Center’s weight loss operation solutions are within reach and offer the best patient care, optimal outcomes, as well as complete aftercare support.

Tijuana, Mexico for bariatric surgery not only can save you thousands of dollars but will lead to better results from our certified hospital as well as highly experienced and academically trained surgeons.

Mexico Bariatric Center helps thousands of medical toursits every year achieve fast, long-term weight loss. We have several different payment options that include credit cards, money orders, bank transfer, and affordable financing optionsContact the MBC family today to get pricing!

Weight Loss Surgery Financing

See If You Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery - Mexico Bariatric Center

Obesity Epidemic and Bariatrics

Obesity-related health problems result in hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.1 In the United States alone, people are spending more than 60 billion dollars every year on trendy exercise equipment, yo-yo diet programs, and other techniques to lose weight. Unfortunately, these weight loss strategies aren’t working for a majority of people who battle with obesity every day.

Bariatric and metabolic procedures, such as Gastric SleeveRNY Gastric Bypass, and Gastric Banding are proven to help patients with obesity and diseases related to obesity. Most bariatric procedures significantly improve or even cure type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, knee and back problems, depression, heart disease, and cancer. Gastric surgery improves your overall health and quality of life and prolongs longevity.

MBC packages for gastric sleeve cost include two nights in the hospital whereas the recommended and common practice is only one night. Similarly, MBC packages for  gastric bypass cost include 3 nights stay in the hospital whereas the recommended, and common practice is 1 to 2 nights.

Reviewed by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D. September 2018

Edited by Ron Elli, Ph.D. Feb 2020