Bariatric Surgery Improves Your Sex LifeWeight loss surgery undoubtedly has many health benefits. It helps women lose weight, get their fertility on track, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and heart disease, and improve their overall health. But did you know long-term sexual satisfaction is an added bonus of this operation too?

There are numerous studies pointing out the benefits of getting cozy between the sheets. Having sex can help boost mood, lower blood pressure, enhance bladder control and cut the risk of cancer, heart disease, etc. And these benefits are only made stronger through proper and long-term weight loss.

A recent study conducted by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery has found that bariatrics improve individuals’ sex lives and sex function. As much as 70% of women saw an increase in their sex lives within six months of having weight loss surgery.

How does Sexual Functioning change After Bariatric Surgery?

How exactly women’s sex lives are improved after weight loss surgery isn’t completely understood yet, but there is no lack of evidence that this happens. During a recent study, 54 women completed questionnaires about their sex lives and function before the surgery, and then again after the surgery.

On average, women lost about 100 pounds following the weight loss procedure. Among the women in the study, 62 percent of them had a lack of sexual function in one way or another. From this group of women, 68 percent saw an improvement in their sex services, like boosted libido and having sex more often, after having the surgery.

They saw a significant increase in their natural lubrication, sexual desire, ability to get an orgasm, sexual satisfaction, and arousal. There was also less pain or discomfort after intercourse among this 68 percent. Researchers reported that women with bigger sexual issues have seen a major improvement in their relationships after weight loss surgery.

Quality of Life Enhancement

iStock_000004704287_MediumAside from the fact that their sex lives were improved, women were found to have a better quality of life overall. This may be part of the reason their sexual function was developed. The women in the study had better physical capabilities, higher self-esteem, and more self-confidence, all traits which are persistent among women with healthy sex lives and better sexual function.

While this study doesn’t answer the question about why weight loss surgeries help with a woman’s sex drive, it does show improvement can’t be denied. The majority of women who reported sexual dysfunction did have a significant decrease after they got the surgery.

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