Weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, may sound like a wild and crazy concept to somebody who’s never gotten involved in medical tourism before. But this, in fact, is an option that has saved thousands of lives over the years as an alternative when health insurance says no to covering such procedures as the laparoscopic gastric sleeve.

CDC recommends that medical tourists work with a coordinating company that provides transportation and escorts for all their movements to hotels and hospitals. Also, “vet” the surgical team to avoid complications and infection. Read: How to safely get procedures in Mexico.

Here we will cover how beneficial destination weight loss surgery in Mexico is for overweight and obese uninsured or underinsured patients.

Emily’s Total Transformation

Emily struggled with being overweight and was asked to pay thousands of dollars for medical tests and jump through hoops to qualify. However, once she got to where she was ready to book her surgery, she found out that the insurance did not cover the operation costs. Emily picked Mexico Bariatric Center® to get affordable and reliable weight loss surgery in Tijuana. After she reached her ideal weight with bariatrics, she did a Mommy Makeover with plastic board-certified surgeons at Mexico Cosmetic Center.

Emily Total Transformation - Mexico Bariatric Center and Mexico Cosmetic Center

Emily’s Total Transformation

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Saves Lives

Here are 6 ways bariatric surgery in Tijuana and other Mexican cities has helped save numerous lives at Mexico Bariatric Center alone!

1. Little Out-of-Pocket Cost Without Medical Insurance

Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Pays for ItselfIn countries such as the United States, getting covered by your medical insurance to receive weight loss surgery such as a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass is possible. However, the procedures are priced so high compared to those in Tijuana, Mexico, that you may very well pay more out of pocket after the deductible.

Bariatric surgery procedures like vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) save patients about 70% of the cost compared to the U.S. and Canada.

Because the prices are substantially lower, you can have a way to undergo surgery that will not leave you in financial ruin. While payment is typically required upfront, it more than pays for itself in rather a short time.
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2. Rapid and Permanent Weight Loss

You say goodbye to extra fat forever. Bariatric surgery changes your hormones and resets your metabolic system. You get a new body thermostat after undergoing this life-alerting procedure. Patients can lose an average of 65% to 85% with procedures like sleeve gastrectomy and RNY gastric bypass in 18 months.

3. Skilled Surgeons

One of the concerns of individuals seeking treatment abroad is the proficiency of the surgeon. You need to do your research to find a facilitator that works with top surgeons who are licensed and experienced.

There are talented bariatric surgeons in the Mexican cities of Tijuana and Guadalajara. These surgeons can perform operations that are hard to do and are not performed by the ones in the U.S.

The facilities the surgeon uses for the operation are also of prime importance. Ensure you do your homework and do not rely on social media alone.

4. Resolves Comorbidities

Bariatric surgery resolves and cures underlying medical conditions related to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, and prone to viruses like Coronavirus. The surgical intervention of obesity helps with,

  • Lowers sugar level
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Cures obstructive sleep apnea

5. Confidence and Quality of Life

Some suffer from back problems or other injuries they cannot operate on due to obesity. Weight loss can not only give such individuals the opportunity to get those surgeries performed but can, in fact, eliminate the need to undergo surgery for the injury at all.

By losing excess weight and following a good workout routine, one can strengthen the muscles that support the spine and other areas of the body. We have helped many individuals who were bedridden or using a cane, who can now get out and enjoy life again.

Wild Fact: If being bedridden causes your loneliness, the isolation, in fact, takes years off of your life as well. We are social creatures and being around people and out socializing improves our health.

Getting mobile again after being confined to a bed or barely able to move helps to ensure that you can get out and be active, which has countless benefits for your health. By going for runs, enjoying the sun, and reducing the load on your skeletal structure, you can add years to your life.

6. Renews Your Life

Bariatric surgery is a journey to a fresh start. It adds to the quality of life and prolongs your life! You will be around longer to enjoy life with your loved ones!

See If You Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery - Mexico Bariatric Center

Other Benefits

1. Meet Life-Long Friends and Family

Patients coming from all over the world meet in Mexico and become life-long friends and buddies. Also, with the support group that we offer alongside our caring staff, you never feel alone after surgery with us. By joining a private support group such as ours, you can keep in contact with our staff and other patients even years after surgery.

Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Patients in Tijuana Hotel - Mexico Bariatric Center

Mexico Bariatric Center’s patient buddies in Tijuana

When you have questions or concerns, Mexico Bariatric Center’s Facebook support group is a wonderful source of fast answers from people who have been where you are and know the solutions.

Our company, for example, interacts with our future and former patients regularly to ensure their questions are answered and to learn how to better serve them in the future. This attention comes from companies such as ours being smaller and more able to focus on the people, not just the procedures.

Some patients even help each other out with clothing to save each other money as they lose weight at a quick rate or share recipe ideas and life events. In some cases, patients become such good friends that they spend time together in person, going on fun outings and relating to their weight loss surgery experience.

2. You Also Have Cheer Leaders

Not only do you gain a sense of family with the support, but you also have a full group of people cheering you on. For many, it’s hard to keep motivated, especially years out after surgery. This again ties back to that feeling of loneliness that can kick in from time to time that many of us face. Sometimes you need some kind words and compliments to help keep you motivated.

Time and time again, in a support group, former patients post before and after photos to show their progress. Some don’t even see the difference yet, even though it is clearly visible that they have lost 100 pounds or more. Immediately after posting a photo, group members share love and praise for their success, like their own cheering session. This sense of community and recognition can significantly boost one’s self-esteem as well as their performance in their diet and exercise due to the positive mental effects it has on the brain.

3. Opens Your Eyes to the Importance of Nutrition

Not everybody who struggles with obesity falls into this category, but there are some who value nutrition and the need for a balanced diet and vitamin intake.

Importance of Nutrition After Bariatric Surgery

Undergoing surgery, for some, is an eye-opening experience as they speak with a nutritionist and learn how to ensure they eat more of the right foods and get proper vitamin intake. This winds up going beyond the benefits of weight loss as the vitamins and healthy foods help promote a reduction in the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.

CAUTION: After bariatric surgery, some patients begin to look sickly as they are losing weight! This is usually due to not taking bariatric-specific multi-vitamins and eat properly; your body needs good nourishment. Bariatrics require keeping up with vitamin and proper nutrition intake to ensure that your bones and body stay healthy and active as you lose weight.

Final Words

So there you have six reasons why weight loss surgery in Mexico can save lives! If you want to learn more about MBC and our services, take some time to navigate our website. And if you want to speak to somebody to schedule surgery and make a positive change, we are here to help at 855-768-7247.